Company of Heroes 2 - New Update Adds Observer Mode & Mod Tools

SEGA and Relic Entertainment announced today that they are launching a brand new update for Company of Heroes 2 adding two new community features to the game – Observer Mode and Mod Tools.

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Nolando1504d ago

is it worth picking up the Western Fronts Expansion if I just want to jump in the game?

3-4-51504d ago

I still prefer COH1 and play that more, but sure.

Nolando1503d ago

@too tall and 3-4-5

What are the main differences I thought CoH 2 would be clearly better, 3-4-5 why do you like CoH 1 over Coh2?

TooTall191504d ago

I like CoH2 better, and WF is a good option if you only want to play mp. You could even pick 1 side to try out for $12.