PS4 Share Play is a Return to Truly Social Gaming for the Internet Era

Sony is taking an intriguing step back toward social gaming with PS4 Share Play. The new feature, long-touted and finally delivered in today's 2.0 system update, gives players an internet-enabled mechanism to do what they've done ever since the first kid on the block got an NES: show off cool new games to their friends.

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Death1425d ago

It's interesting to see everyone pick up on the "social gaming" buzzwords to define shareplay. Does this make the online multiplayer I've been enjoying for many years less social since I had to own my own copy of the game when doing the same thing?

DanteVFenris6661425d ago

Oh yea and those single player games must have been so fun online and play with a friend like on the couch... Oh wait...(that's the difference and no one is saying it makes online multiplier less social, just that's not an innovation anymore)

darthv721425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

shareplay is an interesting idea. It takes the local multiplayer (co-op or 1 on 1) and makes it possible over the internet. And there are even single player games that let someone else take control of the game for you.

so you could think of it as...autoplay while you go get something to eat or take a restroom break. the person playing for you can earn you trophies too.

but i was reading and i guess it isnt something built into the system specifically but has to be incorporated in the games as well (???). Meaning that just because it is now part of the system FW...doesnt automatically make it work for all currently released games.

So its quite possible that the majority of games that will support this will be from big companies with the budget to include this feature. Unless it isnt really difficult to add it in (via patch) and make it work with indie games as well.

Eonjay1425d ago


It supports all games. I even tried some indies. It is built into the platform. Its an extension of Remote Play. Think remote desktop.

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MysticStrummer1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

It's not the same thing as traditional online multiplayer. This is couch multiplayer put online.

Back in the PS1 era when Tomb Raider used to launch right around Thanksgiving, I'd go visit my little brothers who still lived at home and we'd play through those games together, pass the controller style. The same thing happened with at least one of the early Resident Evils, along with some other titles. That type of thing is now possible online.

I've had easily frustrated friends who loved a game but would be stuck on a particular section, so when I'd drop by they'd give me a shot at it. That type of thing is now possible online.

It's undeniably more social than what you're talking about, especially since only the host needs to own the game.

Death1425d ago

Using your examples, are you saying playing "together" online miles apart is more social than dropping by your friends/families house and passing the controller?

Same goes for single player games like Tomb Raider. Why would you pass the controller online and watch someone play your game instead of picking a game both of you could play together? I would think playing at the same time together would be considered more social than watching someone play.

As for "helping" a friend get past a difficult section of a game, in the real world we bust each others balls until we get past these hard parts of games. Hell, I record the parts in games where my friends bring the suck.

Shareplay is a cool feature, but I call BS on those that claim it makes games more social. It's simply another way of doing something we have been doing for a long time as long as devs/publishers allow it. It's as revolutionary as remote play on your phone or Vita. It's interesting, but a niche feature that won't be used as much as people want to believe.

MysticStrummer1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I didn't say it was more social than actually being there, I said it was more social than the online multiplayer you mentioned. Did you already forget what you said?

"Does this make the online multiplayer I've been enjoying for many years less social"

My little brothers all live in different cities now. With Shareplay, we're hours away from each other but we can still have that pass the controller fun with a single player game.

I never said that helping a friend get through a tough section of a game that frustrated them didn't earn me the right of some joking about it, but what does that have to do with this subject anyway? It's happened. I've helped friends and relatives get past a challenge so they could continue playing a game they enjoy. In the past that was only possible with a house call. Now it's doable online.

That is more social.

G20WLY1425d ago

That's not the sole function of Share Play and you know it...

BlackTar1871425d ago

Death is super salty today.

the_dark_one1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

when it comes to PS articles he is always like the Dead Sea. its as salty as he can get

Oschino19071425d ago

Larry King got away from him yet again and Keith Richards just laughs at him daily.

remixx1161425d ago

Lol I had a feeling someone would try and downplay this feature, its amazing really I let my friend shareplay my paladin on final fantasy xiv yesterday, it was madd cool I didn't even know it worked with mmos.

All he did was bust up some monsters less than half my level but it was still amazing and then he let me try lords of the fallen next, I sucked at it but it was still cool. I can't wait until bloodeborne comes out. Me and my bro gonna do some classic past the controller action like the old days, thank you shareplay.

RedstonerMC1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

In my opinion developing more split screen games is the true way to make "social gaming" a thing because that's the only true way to sit down and play a game while socializing. Not that shareplay isn't a fantastic feature.

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Father__Merrin1425d ago

this is one of the best next gen features out there, totally brings it apart between ps4 xbox and pc.

can't wait to see what Sony have in store

Software_Lover1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

But you can share all of your steam games on PC with family members can you not?

Edit: yeah, shareplay is a different concept all together.

WeAreLegion1425d ago

Or anyone, really. Haha. I love that. My friend and I can log onto each others' accounts and play games we haven't purchased yet. My friend got on my account yesterday to play Costume Quest 2. Then, he purchased his own copy. Steam is excellent.

However, Share Play is obviously different.

bleedsoe9mm1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@WeAreLegion steam style sharing full games with sony's multiplayer co-op sharing would be the perfect system

Oschino19071425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

You can log in as someone else on PSN also and play each other's games. But you can also do it under your own account after the game is downloaded and play simultaneously instead of 1 person at a time.

Borma1425d ago

Do some games have restrictions on if it works or which parts of the game works? Last night I finally tried it with my friend who owns NBA 2K 14 and it was pretty amazing I was playing against him without owning the game. BUT there was no sound on my end. Was I doing something wrong or will each game be a little different?

ThatOneGuyThere1425d ago

you might need to adjust your sound setup. as far as i know, remote play, ps now, and share play all only have stereo sound. if your system isnt set up for that, you might not hear the sound coming through (my guess)

Borma1425d ago

Ok I will check it out later. Thanks for the advice. *Bubble-up*

lonelyplayer1425d ago

SharePlay is really innovative. To be honest I never thought it'd be this good. It's just amazing!

BattleTorn1425d ago

I was in party last night where a guy was letting people test out all his games, Driveclub, Evil Within, Shadow of Mordor.

My initial thought was 'you guys are crazy trying to test it on the first night'

They were all having fun.

Fun fact: it can earn the host trophies on his profile.

wynams1425d ago

I have modest cable speed ~ 18mbps. My friend has slightly better ~25.

Neither of us could host a share play session.

Seems a bit gimmicky anyways if I am honest. I would much rather see Sony beefing up PSN for less outages and issues.

tlougotg1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Your experience is contrary to my experience yesterday. Share-played Drive Club yesterday with a friend many states away and his response on a racing game was "i cant believe this isnt outputting at 1080p on my screen because it looks great" in regards to lag when i questioned him he said "damn i feel like the retail game is in my system and don't notice any lag" Mind you he raced about 5 times.

Gimmicky? Yeah you would use a word like that wouldn't you? No its awesome and now he wants to buy DC because he enjoyed it. Its a revolution in console gaming and sharing no matter which way you want to spin it.

If it didnt work for you with your speeds you better contact your cable provider because something is wrong. We also share-played dead nation doing coop and omg it was as if he was literally next to me playing with no lag or hitch, we both even received trophy notifications.

By the way my internet is good 75up/75dwn but he only has like 5dl and like 3up and he was able to shareplay flawlessly.

Anybody want to try share-play and try out Driveclub feel free to pm me and ill definitely let you guys on at least three races. This is far from a gimmick.


Your absolutely right. If you both have good upload speeds it works almost flawlessy. Anything over 5mp upload and you good to go.


Stop it man!!!! Game sharing as you know it and as ps3 also had is totally different from what shareplay is so plz do your homework. You do not need to share any personal information!!!!!!, no one needs to be in your account and you can shareplay with whoever is on your friends list with no limit!!!!!!

MitchellK1425d ago

Whats your upload speed? my cousin and i were using share play last night and he only has ~5Mbps down connection, though he usually gets about 7Mbps and i have ~25mbps, the host just has to have a decent upload speed of about 3Mbps or up, from experience. He only has about 1Mbps upload so when he shared with me it was a bit laggy with bad picture quality, but when i shared with him because i have 8Mbps upload, it worked really well.

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