2K talks WWE 2K15 roster, reviews, missing features, differences in PS4/Xbox One and more

2K talks about the outdated/duplicated roster, reviews, missing features, PS4/Xbox One differences compared to PS3/Xbox 360 and more.

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Hoffmann1511d ago

"WWE 2K ✔ @WWEgames
@TheOneDH we didn't take steps backward. Our PS4/Xbox One experience is a different game. One built from the ground up starting w/ gameplay"


Yeah right.

spacedelete1511d ago

the John Cena picture giving that stare says it all.

Hoffmann1511d ago

He still wins anyway ^^

Cra2yey31511d ago

Next year, stick to current gen. Thanks

Hoffmann1511d ago

You know that the WWE games where some of the last Playstation 2 released together with Fifa and Madden or?

I expect them to stop creating PS3 and xb360 versions in 2017.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

OMG!!! Bunch of excuses. They simply don't have updated attires because they are going to charge them as DLC, the roster is crap this year and I have no idea how that happened when last year had Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, and more. There's not much NXT superstars. The divas Roster is complete garbage. Alicia Fox has been wrestling in the WWE since 2010. They only put 2 rivalries in the 2K Showcase Mode and want to charge us for 3 more rivalries as DLC when the game should have had all 5 rivalries on the disc. No GM Mode or Story Mode is unbelievable. Certain wrestler have 2 attires which is unnecessary for some. Barely any legends at all. They're just making up excuses because they want charge people this stuff as DLC later on down the road or they was just too lazy to even put an effort in this year's release.

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ThatOneGuyThere1511d ago

Day 1 for me on PS4. I havent played a wrestling game in FOREVER (since the n64). Im ready to layith the smackith down

ThatOneGuyThere1511d ago

NOTE: i know jack shit about wrestling. im just oddly excited about this one for no real reason i can think of. maybe its because EA betrayed me and launched a crappy MMA game instead of giving me a new fight night.