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Daz1356d ago

That forza pic. Think you need to fix it :P

XisThatKid1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Ok downloaded a BETA for this game few weeks ago but couldn't sign in to it is this that same BETA?
Can I finally play it this time?

Mega241356d ago

I have bad luck with Betas, I just hope for a chance at this!

NeoGamer2321356d ago

I remember when betas were done months before releases so they could actually change the game significantly if needed... They should call this an MP demo not a beta.

Doing a beta a few weeks before release only allows for minor tweaks and tunes...

creeping judas1356d ago

There is always that dreaded day one patch!!

Palitera1356d ago

It is a demo. It is more to create awareness than anything else.

Az1mov1356d ago

how many betas does this game needs?

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