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Owen Hibbert of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Bayonetta 2 is such a complete game that playing through it becomes a truly addicting experience."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1455d ago

I'll grab this for a December play.

TenBensons1455d ago

Never got into bayonetta, sounds like I'm missing out, but I dont know if I can get past certain immature elements.

LoaMcLoa1455d ago Show
Volkama1455d ago

Is it really this good, or do Wii U games get bonus points for being the underdog?

Meh I ordered it today so I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Volkama1455d ago

Good :-)

I missed the first one, but I got a bundle that includes both so that's exactly what I want to hear.

Metallox1455d ago

You won't like the console from what I hear, I'm afraid.

Volkama1455d ago

That's quite vague.

The console is a Christmas present for my kids anyway, so if they like it that's great. And I'm fairly certain they'll love it, at least on Christmas day.

Bayonetta isn't going to them obviously :)

BullyMangler1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

yur gonna show bayonetta 2 your kids ?

lol . . . it is perverted in the name of the lord fooL.

not to mention its intense G O R E . . bloodier than Sonys kiddie Bloodborne

To show your children Bayonetta games is child abuse.

Volkama1454d ago

No, they will not even see the box let alone the game.

They aren't particularly fussed or sensitive to gore, but i have never played the games myself and i don't know if they are what i would consider bad for their development.

Advantage of playing games, i do understand what they are and can decide if they are suitable for my children!

VGMMDI1455d ago

Do you need to play the first to understand the story of the second? Or do they just tie that up at the start?

Fizzgig1455d ago

Amazing game. I struggle these days to keep interested in single player games, but I completed this over a few days. Sublime.

-Ikon-1455d ago

bought a wii u just for this.. worth every penny

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