Destiny's Halloween Jackolyte is more of a trick for some

Gamezone: "When used, the consumables place a giant, glowing pumpkin head on your Guardian. However, it appears that some Guardians who use this consumable are finding themselves a trick instead of a fun treat. A number of users in the comments section of our original article announcing the Halloween surprise have pointed out that the Jackolyte doesn't work."

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Death1511d ago

I'm saving mine for Friday night. If they don't work I'll probably still be ok.

thorstein1511d ago

Well, it is hilarious. You walk around with this Jack O' Lantern head. There are cool little sound effects that go with it.

But one thing that blew me away, was walking in (on the Cosmodrome) on an epic battle between the Hive and the Fallen. Where we always see maybe a five on five or so.

Instead, I was facing multiple Servitors, Wizards, and all sorts of "Yellow" enemies. And it was insane. I eventually overwhelmed them (after dying twice) and walked away with some loot.

Do you think there is going to be something even more special on Hallowe'en?