Sony turns the Playstation 4 into the ultimate social gaming system

"Remember those days of your youth when “multiplayer” or “social gaming” meant you and a friend sat on the sofa, passing the controller between yourselves each time you died in GTA?

Or all rushing round to a friend’s house to see the latest FIFA because they’d got it first on your block?

Today, thanks to technology and the internet, social gaming has in many ways become anything but as players sit alone in their rooms with headsets.:

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Mikelarry1507d ago

when share play was announced I read that some publishers are worried about how gamers are going to abuse this, am I missing something or is this not the same principle as screen sharing and I dont see Micorsoft or any other big corp with licensed products freaking out for example about how I have office installed on my work machine but not on my laptop at home and I can use a screen sharing app to log on to my work pc and use office or any other paid app on my work pc.

Ninver1507d ago

Think you're refer to Remote Desktop on windows. Good point tho.

mikeslemonade1507d ago

Well it's a feature which will sell more PS4s due to the viral effect. That would induce more game sales. They would initially lose because people can play for free but they will gain it all back and then some due to creating a larger install base.

Volkama1507d ago

No publishers have expressed any concern or opinion as far as I've seen. In terms of licensing, it's no different to the many screen sharing applications on PC so there is firm precedent and it's pretty "safe" for Sony to offer the service.

Ultr1507d ago

Still have to try it out. Hopefully I can today or tomorrow if time allows it :)

spacedelete1507d ago

the only problem is stingy gamers who don't want to share play with you. I've asked a few people on my friends list to let me have a try on a game but some straight up refuse and one PSN friend went into a game and was about to share with me but decided he was busy and quit the game and went offline.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

passing the controller between yourselves each time you died in GTA? lol nope
was playing real multiplayer

Pogmathoin1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

By turning it into the Ultimate social device, were you do not need to be with another person to share.... Players sit alone with a headset..... hmm very sociable...

I never mentioned any console, in general, social is not being alone.... It seems to me SDF is in full effect after all the positive Xbox news lately and fantastic reviews for SSOD. You typify that very person..... I expect many disagrees, surprised? No, this is N4G, even when people admit trolling, its ok if its on a certain side.....

nosferatuzodd1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

lol sometime you can almost taste the salt in the other guys mouth like this one right here i know you're hurting right now don't feel bad your Xbox defense force is at work right now trying to downplay share play like saying how your friends could erase your game save data lol man some ppl never stop its sad to see how far some ppl will go just for Microsoft lol

Skankinruby you hit the nail on the head wow I'm psychic i know you're going to comment in the future under my comment spooky lol

Volkama1507d ago

"lol sometime you can almost taste the salt in the other guys mouth"

Ewwwww keep your private life private please.

Skankinruby1507d ago

Lol silly concept right? And yet online gaming is utterly the exact same thing and also the focal point for Microsoft loyalists both last gen and this one to try to dismantle Sony's reputation by saying their online isn't good enough. Microsoft is the one that's been trying to steer focus away from the games themselves and when Sony gets a one up on them you try to downplay it. Take a seat kid.

aceitman1507d ago

the definition of social media and devices is sharing stuff and communicating with each other it is not necessary to be in a group u can do it alone but through the internet or phones.

tlougotg1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I ran home after work to try this and man it is awesome. I share-played Drive Club to a friend and chatted with him for about 5 races these are his remarks "wow man the graphics aren't even taking a hit, it looks like its 1080p on my t.v. (i later told him it only outputs in 720p). I asked him if he saw any noticeable lag and his response was "man im enjoying this game and no it feels like i have the retail game in my system". He played about 5 races and i even enjoyed watching him play DC like crap lol I was also in awe of how good it worked. We later played Dead Nation coop using Share-play and it was flawless. Loved seeing trophies for both of us appear and it stating wether it was visitor or host lol. Good job Sony!!!!

Great feature and it definitely, socially is bringing players together. I had a few ppl i didn't know hit me up on this forum and i share-played with them and we became buddies on psn. Idc what anyone says this feature is revolutionary on consoles and is a gamers dream.

By the way i dont see publishers having an issue with it because it can actually boost sales, the person i shared play with is now buying DC after testing it. Who i know it screws is companies like Gamefly. Wow they are going to take a hit on rentals but they still have ppl that will want to play the full mp of games, so they'll be ok.


Dont bother or waste your energy lol The salt is very real. The big bad software company that supposedly makes all the cool firmware updates is getting one upped by Sony on some software features lol and updates. People are very salty about this, although shareplay is also incorporated from the hardware end and how Sony made a great system.

Aceman181507d ago

Lol yea I share played DriveClub with a friend and she loved it even though she was horrible at it haha

Death1507d ago

I think "people" care less about Shareplay than you do. Shareplay is allowing friends to play the same game as you without having to purchase the game for 60 minute blocks and at a lower resolution with "minimal" input lag. Without Shareplay your friends have to buy their own copy of the game if they want to play "together" from another location. They have the freedom to play whenever they want without time restrictions and the resolution hit. Input lag also becomes a non-issue.

Some of you make it sound like before Shareplay you couldn't play with your friends online. I'm pretty sure online multiplayer has been around a little longer than you remember.

kingPoS1507d ago

Except that it can turn an offline co op title into online multiplayer session. People playing single player games, something that would othewise be a solidarity expirence, can ask for help or help others in turn.

I hear gargling saltwater helps get rid of the aftertaste. It sure helped me when the PS3 didn't get x-game chat.

Gateway MT6708 2008

Death1507d ago

Can you give me an example of a couch co-op game without online multiplayer?

As for your rant on saltwater, I have a PS4 so Shareplay isn't something I can't do. I just don't believe people are talking about this like gaming wasn't a social experience before it came out.

Spotie1507d ago

Can you just do everyone a favor and keep your bias in Xbox articles? The way you struggle- and fail miserably- to downplay everything Sony is embarrassing. And it's worse cuz I don't think you even realize how foolish you make yourself look.

kingPoS1507d ago

Eh... you may be right, offline co op does seem to be giving way for online multiplayer, the same could be considered for single player games too to a lesser extent.

More and more games are focusing less on those qualities. It's why I enjoy games like LBP, it lets people do both. And then we have an upcoming RE Revelations title from Capcom that reportedly has offline co op. (though.. knowing them, they'll likey blunt or hamstring the feature somehow) I'd be glad to buy the game my self to get some form of multiplayer. My fingers are crossed that it'll be left alone.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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