Your Game Isn't Really Yours

The idea of a game as a service isn’t a new one, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly prevalent. The concept is that you no longer buy a game as a static object on physical media, rather that you buy a contract to play a game, but the game itself remains the property of the publishers.

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UltimateMaster1511d ago

Maybe not in some cases.
But your friends games can be yours to try out with share play on the PS4

Orbilator1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

And shareplay is awesome, worked flawlessly all day yesterday

annoyedgamer1511d ago

Thats the idea. Soon "buying" will just be renting at full price.

s45gr321511d ago

That's horrible but the way gamers say yes to almost everything (except the Xbox One fiasco) . I have to agree

CKPan1511d ago

How do we let it come to this far...

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Agent_hitman1511d ago

Yeah right, that's why some of the devs and publishers were trying to kill the game reselling by putting a lot of DRM or countermeasures but they still failed.

s45gr321511d ago

Even if games go digital things will remain the same only if gamers think outside the box . So let's say that Sony,Microsoft, and Nintendo decide offer a gaming service like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live but no console. Meaning turn on the tv, sign up for xbox live or PlayStation Plus using say smartphone or gamepad as the controller to navigate say service. The games are on the cloud ;therefore, you are renting games right. Well semi-right because of external hard drives or usb sticks basically able to download any game that cost $50 or $60 plus tax to the external hard drive or usb stick. This way if the internet shuts down,you can still play your game burn it onto blu-ray disk (back up disk if the digital file gets corrupted) . Because is on disk be able to trade. Second Sony's share play and Valve's upcoming family share will pave the way to share games digitally without hurting game developers wallets. If EA origin refund program succeeds we gamers can see the competition to implement better or say same refund policies. That's the problem with articles like this one ,only show the small picture but not the picture as a whole

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