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Gamesblip offers their opinion on Sony's SingStar (2014) for the PS4.

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madmonkey011483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

1/10 it must be completely unusable then?

it has some issues but it does work, i have 45 songs on it, that i had on the old ps3 version that i just re downloaded. about 15 or so more to download that will probably be added later.

gamesblip1483d ago

Well, it loads. ;) I understand your point, but to say it's the SingStar that people know and love is akin to saying Battlefield Earth is a part of the Star Wars canon.

madmonkey011483d ago

i consider it a kind of relaunch, like when an mmo goes F2P, i suspect that more features and songs will be added in updates.

Wordzero1481d ago

Hell, at least its available. STILL waiting for it here in the US.