Astro Gaming A50 Xbox One Halo Edition headset gets new photos and specs

The specs and more photos are now available for the Astro Gaming A50 Xbox One Halo Edition headset.

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xX1NORM1Xx1504d ago

If I ever get a headset for my Xbox one I'm so getting this although I'm a bit sceptical of a wireless headset I have the A40s for my PCI and they are fantastic so I assume the same is true for the A50s

3-4-51503d ago

Awesome headset, but isn't it like $200-300 ?

xX1NORM1Xx1503d ago

Yeah but I spent £200 on a40s as I have bad ears and a lot of headsets press against my ears causing pain so when I eventually afforded A40s and realised they didn't hurt Im kind of in love with astro and if it doesn't hurt my ear then it's worth the money to me

3-4-51503d ago

Any headset that is comfortable to wear is always worth paying a bit more for.

I've often found headphones hurt after bit, but the ones that don't are worth more to me.

Kingdomcome2471504d ago

These are beautiful. I'm still trying to offload my XO7 Ear Force Turtle Beaches before getting these.

th3TrUth1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I've owned a pair of X-12's.. wired but sound nice and pretty loud...X-41's wireless and 7.1 kinda overpriced at that time and decent I suppose but the ps golds take the crown only wish they were louder more bass etc.

So pumped gona pick up xbox just for MCC!

GodGinrai1503d ago

I would like to see a comparison test/review of these and the turtle beach 500X stealths. I want a wireless surround sound headset but I dont know which of the two is better.