GameStop ad (10/29 - 11/4)

This week's GameStop ad has gone live.

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Macdaddy711478d ago

Heck with Walmart just starting there used game selling, I may check them out!!! Cause gamestop has All but stop offering deals on trade ins like trade 3 or more n get 30% more!!! That came str8 from a worker at my gamestop...if they Not going to make it worth my wild, guess I'll keep my games n start looking at all used game stores n sites...I just got Metal Gear for gamefly for $9.99 free shipping, tomb raider awhile back for $9.99, Thirf for $12.99..all on Xbox One free shipping also...can't beat it

Minute Man 7211478d ago

Off topic : For anyone still interested in COD Ghost for PS3 or PS4 Tigerdirect got the PS 3 version for $10 and $20 for PS 4 version Amazon also has PS4 version for $20

MSBAUSTX1477d ago

Yeah I saw that. I was tempted because I have it for my Wii U but I am buying Advanced Warfare next week and wont be playing Ghosts probably anymore, so I decided to put the money towards AW instead. But 20 bucks is a good deal and for that price Ghosts is fun enough.

user55757081477d ago

no deals yet again...big surprise