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P&L writes:"Chariot is a golden chalice of a game that is impossible to not like. It’s mesmerising, intelligent and unless you’re allergic to smiling, this is the game for you. Score High, Sweet Chariot."

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Anon19741505d ago

Haven't heard of this game before but it looks like a nice co-op game I can play with my son. I'll have to pick it up.

Primal Rex1505d ago

Great game but the hidden level can go to hell and die !!!

bleedsoe9mm1505d ago

free with xb1 gold for the record , great game .

Volkama1505d ago

I had decided against "buying" it for free, as my way of objecting to my subscription being spent on games I don't want. But glowing reviews.... I guess I'll "buy" it now before the month is up.

Spotie1505d ago

So what? You were expecting them to ask you which games to put up each month so that they'd only put up games you DO want?

And what type of protest would that be? Not "buying" a game you didn't want anyway, even though you know don't know enough about it to decide if you like it or not?


Volkama1504d ago

Spotie, accepting the download just adds to the stats they use to say "yes, we're providing what gamers want". Not downloading it is a clear vote that this is not what I want my money spent on.

I can buy my own games, I want my gold sub to go towards a good service. As a playstation fan that really should resonate with you, as there is certainly room for improvement on PSN.

MooseWI1504d ago

You're in such a small minority you're not making a difference.

Volkama1504d ago

Moose, probably right about that. But anecdotally I know quite a few people that don't bother downloading the free games if they have no interest in playing them.

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