Best Buy Holiday Sale For Select PS4 Games, Free 1 Year Xbox Live Gold After Xbox One Purchase

Techtorial: Best Buy will celebrate a special Holiday sale event giving discounts to several PS4 titles for in-door customers on November 8. In addition, customers who will purchase Xbox One console will get free 12-month Xbox Live gold membership.

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OOMagnum1505d ago

So you can get an Xbox for essentially $289 this holiday, damn!

donthate1505d ago

This is a crazy good deal for Xbox One. Man, I am soooo tempted to get another one!

Selling my PS4 until there are more games for it so the cash will be there. PS4 fetches good value right now.

zeee1505d ago

I hope we'll see psn plus heavily discounted. Need to stock up on that.

xwilldemise1505d ago

Holy sh*t so if you get a free one year gold card($60 value) alongside the Sunset Overdrive bundle for $350. The game is worth $60. It's like you're getting the console for $230 O_O!

Dirtnapstor1505d ago

So true. I told myself I wouldn't get an Xbone for a while, I may have to reconsider!

bigtrucknd1505d ago

I'm really starting to think it's time to finally buy an Xbox.

Jaqen_Hghar1504d ago

Man MS is REALLY pushing this holiday. If they don't win November NPD when they're practically giving everything away a man isn't sure what they can do.

oSHINSAo1504d ago

why they dont discount Sunset Overdrive Bundle ? you can get the AC Bundle per 350, and buy a physical copy of Sunset overdrive per $410 ... great games, and in black friday/holidays they discount them :3, i'll get FH2, SO & HMCC, and ACU for my gf