Why Do Layoffs Happen In The Video Game Industry

Why do game companies lay off those poor chums? Now you'll know!

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Eonjay1422d ago

So IGN can dangle the misfortune that impacts real people and their families in front of their zoo of pet trolls.

Bathyj1422d ago

Cos it's an industry. Layoffs happen wherever people have jobs. Sad fact of life.

ShaunCameron1421d ago

It might have more people than it can afford to employ, especially in positions that technology has rendered redundant.

Talgrath1421d ago

The games industry is a terrible place to work. I've done it, I know people that do it, and let me tell you, it's some miserable stuff. You're paid at least 15% less than someone in a similar, non game position would get paid, you're overworked and liable to be fired at any time. I got out and immediately began making, on an hourly basis at least, over 20% more; my work now is steady and much less exciting, but when 5 pm rolls around I can usually go home and relax or meet buddies at a bar like a normal person. I wouldn't work in the industry again unless it was very high up and very well paying.