Can Advanced Warfare reverse COD's decline? To fans, it won't matter.

MWEB GameZone writes: "Call of Duty may well be a franchise on the fall, but it is so high up, that even with a 25% drop, it is still the biggest gorilla on the mountain. Even on its worst day, Call of Duty is still outselling everything else out there."

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SonZeRo1512d ago

All i can say is, we shall see. Hopefully its multiplayer is better than Ghosts, because lets be honest that is what CoD is about.

lord zaid1512d ago

I disagree. Their are tons of people that enjoy COD for the campaign. I owned every COD since Modern Warfare and that was the only one that I did any multiplayer on. I've player every other COD for the campaign. Characters like Capt Price, Soap and Raikov don't become popular on the back of multiplayer.

DesVader1512d ago

The multiplayer is a big part for sure, but I also am a big fan of the single player story. For example, the Black Ops storyline was awesome with the lovely little twist at the end. The Modern Warfare story was pretty epic - I caught myself quite a few times thinking what an epic move it would make. I always play the single player first also to familiarise myself with the game and the weapons.

HanCilliers1512d ago

I love playing the SP campaigns but for most fans it's all about the MP, and if that part fails, then AW will be a fail

optimus1511d ago

same here, i barely touch the multiplayer when i 1st get it. i really don't dive into it until after i finish the single player which by then everyone ends up using me for target practice since i don't know the maps or anything and as such dying every few seconds makes it not fun to play so i end up playing 3-4 times throughout the life of the game...

if the single player is bad (such as ghosts) then i end up trading it in within the month.

kyr951511d ago

Agree! I remember getting in an internet cafe, and playing a game called Modern Warfare, i was so intrigued by the story that i bought it. When i finished it, i was speechless, even more, when i figured out its multiplaer. Since, then ive been buying every cod i can afford primarly for its story and its characters. The Modern Warfare and Black Ops series are amazing, even Ghosts's story while not engaging, was still fun to play. Multiplaer also plays a big part i agree especially concerning replayability.
Again, this year, im buying AW for its campaign, which looks like it could be the best, with the multiplayer looking what it really just needs to be-super fun.I dont mind people hating on cod-everyone's entitled to his/her opinions, but for an annual FPS franchise that delivers great campaign and fun multiplayer almost every year...personally, i couldnt ask for more.

Meltic1511d ago

love cod Campaign. BF Campaign sucks. Bf4 Campaign wasnt good.

mikeslemonade1511d ago

Really.. you guys play the campaign^. Shoot, duck, cover, heal, go to the next cover.. Rinse and repeat. Campaign is not even worth playing especially when these COD games come out when all the superior single player games come out.

For multiplayer, yea it's plateaued but it still superior to games like BF and Halo. The game is polished and playable. Unlike these other 2nd-rate shooters.

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Mikelarry1511d ago

that is my approach with this title, normally I preorder from the day it gets announced but with this title i am just going to wait and see and even better try it out with ps4 share play before deciding if i want to get it or not :)

PlayableGamez1511d ago

Cloaking is in Multiplayer. Prepare for the most unbalanced multiplayer you are ever going to witness.

3-4-51511d ago

Watched 3-4 minutes of gameplay during that Optic Live stream on the Detroit map, and it looked like a lot of fun.

Ghosts was terrible, this looks to redeem COD a bit, at least IMO.

I've only seen a bit of gameplay though, so it's hard to fully judge.

GhostTurtle1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

From what ive been seeing in the streams, the gun play and maps seem better than Ghost. Has a ton of options from BO2 that Ghost should've had. BO1 was the last game I loved. Wasnt a fan of MW3 and BO2 I had a love/hate thing for. I only played it as much as I did bc of my hometown friends, which because of them made it a good experience. Was planning on skipping AW but the more I see the more I reconsider.

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HanCilliers1512d ago

I am not so sure I agree with the writer. I think it matters to a lot of fans. A lot are still upset over Ghosts and the pre-order sales figures are an indication of that.

What I do agree with is that CoD games will outsell most other games because of the sheer number of players.

MetroidFREAK211511d ago

Well after the multiplayer of Ghosts being a step backwards from Black Ops 2, this game will be the step forward to continue the franchise forward. At least in my opinion. Looking forward to the midnight release

aviator1891511d ago

I wonder what treyarch is working on.
Black Ops 3, I presume?
But I really want them to make a world at war 2- I'd totally buy that.

scark921511d ago

I personally am not interested in Call of Duty anymore, I would love COD4 again :(

aviator1891511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

You know what I would buy?
A re-release (collection) of CoD2/Cod4/MW2- the authentic Infinity Ward classics. I could play Cod4/MW 2 mp all day long.

xX1NORM1Xx1511d ago

Something like the master chief collection would be perfect I mean they all had their problems but for nostalgia sake it would be perfect

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