The Far Cry 4 Controversy: Are We Being Duped?

Is Ubisoft's next sequel drawing genuine offense, or is it simply great marketing? AUTOMATON's Matthew Coslett offers his views.

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ECHOBLAST1506d ago

They should do a Blood Dragon AAA game.

uth111506d ago

Nothing would surprise me.
If FC4 is fanning controversies for attention, then I think the AC Parity team has taken this tactic to the next level...

Meltic1506d ago

They should have done this game next gen only. Then they could have done this game bigger, better , and prettier too. Isn't it time too let the old consoles go ?

What do you guys Think `?

crazychris41241506d ago

Yea its time. Its been a great 8-9 years but we have to move on. I still have my 360 and will be slowly pkaying games that I missed out on.

anticlimax1506d ago

Unity is nextgen only, and as a pcgamer, it shows in their (hopefully massively overdone) min. specs. If that's how they're gonna port, I'm glad FC4 is on old consoles.

WeAreLegion1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I seriously doubt it was intentional.

Honestly, I doubt that many people would have cared, anyway, had the journalists not picked up on it. It's not a racism thing. Enslaving Africans and creating internment camps for the Japanese in America were horrible events, but they were America's problems. Not the world's. I can't believe that after all this time, we still focus on race so heavily in our media. They thrive on our passion for making things right.

There has always been and will always be racism in the world, unfortunately, but that is not what was intended here. It was removed quickly and few waves were made.

They didn't try to use the controversy for publicity. They didn't play it up. It hasn't been mentioned since June.

On top of that, you have the homosexual thing. Gay or straight, it's just a dude in a pink jacket. Chill out.

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raWfodog1506d ago

Controversy is always a great marketing tool, whether real or created. Someone is always offended at something but I think some people get too carried away with everything being politically correct. I don't play video games for their social commentary, I play them to be entertained. The fact is that many of the controversial elements in these video games actually do happen in real life from sexism to racism to mass killing. I get kind of tired hearing about people getting bent out of shape when it's put into a video game.

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