The Walking Dead Pinball Review | GES

"I got the opportunity to play one of the latest tables in the ZEN Pinball 2 range for PS3 – The Walking Dead Pinball Game. Being a huge fan of the TV show and the comic book series I jumped on the opportunity like a walker hitting a pound of flesh and I had a blast reviewing this game.

ZEN Studios have been releasing a number of tables based on popular pop culture titles in the last couple of months which included Guardians of The Galaxy, Star Wars and Deadpool and they all have one thing in common – loads of flashing lights, awesome sound effects and amazing graphics and they continue with this trend in The Walking Dead. The table is based on the popular Telltale game and features some of the most iconic locations from the game such as the Bell Tower and Traveler Motel. The detail in the graphics is mind-blowing and I particularly loved the walkers popping out from the different hidey holes"

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