WALL-E Ships for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and More

THQ announced today that it has shipped WALL-E for every current viable platform, including Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, Windows, and even Mac and mobile phones. In all, the game based on the Pixar movie will be released in over 69 countries in the coming months.

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chaosatom3313d ago

I will not buy or even rent the game, since we all know how that's going to be.

Peekay3313d ago

I havent been this excited about a Disney/Pixar movie in a while. Seems to capture the magic of Disney movies of old =P

TheDeadMetalhead3313d ago

Yes, the game will suck. I can see the review scores now:

Am I right?

BigBaehr3313d ago

OMG! This is definately deserves GOTY honors. lol

TheDeadMetalhead3313d ago

Why? Because it's on 8 systems? I HIGHLY doubt it will get a review score higher than 6.5.

If you were joking: lol :)

TheDeadMetalhead3312d ago

Then this looks really bad for me right now.

Smacktard3313d ago

Oh god, someone's sarcast-o-meter is broken...

But yeah, movie-based video game cash-ins piss me off to no extent. Can we have another good movie-based game like Goldeneye or Mission Impossible for the N64?