PDP Afterglow Kral Wireless PS4 Headset Review | RealGamerNewz

Jermain Jackson of RGN writes:

"The Kral’s has an appealing look and comfortable design. Its plush, polyurethane ear pads, fit wonderfully and feel really nice. Thankfully the headband features the same soft material underneath it, to keep from cutting into the top of your head. For those with bigger/wider heads than mine, it can be adjusted to accommodate for your size."

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LordGarza1511d ago

The Afterglow headsets are awesome, a friend has them and when I used them I noticed they're really useful and sound awesome for their price :D

DuoBrian1511d ago

That headset looks awesome.

Hitman07691511d ago

This looks dope I can't believe it got a 10 out of 10 now I really gotta buy one of them. Mine has been acting up as of late cuz I mistreat them and run through them easily, good to iknow this one is worth my time though.

TheStrokes1510d ago

I had the afterglow on my ps3. Got them for £40 on eBay and they were a real bargain. Great sound and very comfortable. I recommend these.

vikingland11510d ago

I wonder if these can be used with XB1 and the headset adapter? My Sony Gold Wireless headset does.

TheJacksonRGN1509d ago

Not sure, but PDP has also a X1 version called the Karga. You can look into that.