Obsession over Ebola virus infects gaming

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The mobile game Plague Inc. has seen a large increase in both active players and new downloads over the past week, which is attributed to the Ebola outbreak.

The Ebola outbreak has been going on for 10 months, so why now? What negative and postive effects does a game such as Plague Inc. have?"

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SonZeRo1424d ago

Ah yes Plague Inc. Lovely game that. Ebola is probably like the new Black Plague although i think with modern medicine and proper quarantine we would be able to contain/suppress it but if Ebola mutates to airborn then well (insert swear word here).

Sillicur1424d ago

The idea of a virus such as Ebola going airborn and spreading like the common flu is excessively scary!

WeAreLegion1424d ago

I've been naming my viruses Ebola for years! I always said it was my favorite illness. Anyone want to watch Outbreak?

Sillicur1424d ago

Hmm is that a new series or movie? I love shows like that :)

DiscoKid1424d ago

That movie was awesome.

Sillicur1424d ago

Ah a movie, will be sure to watch it!

Software_Lover1423d ago

Take note, Ebola only matters and is an "epidemic" when Americans start to die. They could/should have been more serious about it before.

WeAreLegion1423d ago

I assure you it was very serious to many Americans long before it reached our shores. Those who care about other people, anyway. If it weren't for our stupid media blowing everything out of proportion, people wouldn't be as scared as they are now.

DiscoKid1423d ago

Ebola isn't real. It's just propaganda.

HaveAsandwich1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

the best thing the u.s. has done (quarantining) is now under fire because of human rights issues. your anti-u.s. muslim president is just asking for a reason to spread this thing.

user56695101423d ago

they seen a surge when the introduce the planets of the apes strain to. the game is just a great game. people maybe just became more aware of the game because of Ebola.

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