Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Surprise Teased in Tweet

What more could the Halo devs over at 343 reveal? They still have something up their sleeve according to Halo's public relations lead in a the tweet here.

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BigBosss1424d ago

Anyone else thought they should have included beavers creeks on the remake list. Map was awesome!

EAGLESOUL51424d ago

It was actually just made in it's entirety on H2A Forge!
Near the end

SonofGod1424d ago

What can be more amazing than what they've already shown?

The suspense is killing me.

BigBosss1424d ago

Dude, what the heck did I just watch! That looks epic and a half!!!

Docknoss1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Xbox one gamers Rejoice!

No_Limit1424d ago

hmm, the game should be illegal already with the amount of contents included for $60. The only thing that could be more amazing is a custom Halo theme bundle console included with the game for $350 as part of the holiday promotion.

akurtz1424d ago

I'm waiting, patiently.

MCTJim1424d ago

The game in itself is worth the $60 with all the maps included. Looking forward to playing it again.

mhunterjr1424d ago

I'd pay more than $60 for this game.

bleedsoe9mm1424d ago

phil spencers love note to the fans

BigBosss1424d ago

I need people to play with add me xLordAnubis and message me saying you are from here :)

GodGinrai1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

See you on halo, then. Ill add you ;).

EDIT: Ay do you play FH2 as well?

BigBosss1424d ago

My bro does most times. But im going to jump on that as well sunset overdrive :)

GodGinrai1424d ago

awesome! Ill add you when Im settled down at my console, this evening!

StreelyBoy1424d ago

Hey add me! I play FH2 and will be getting Halo on day one :) GT: "StreelyBoy"

GodGinrai1424d ago


consider it done! look out for my addy, later on this evening. hope you have a good variety of cars because, my guys like to switch it up a lot. if you got a few classic cars you should be ok :) Ya`ll ready for some halo!? whooooooo!

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The story is too old to be commented.