4 Reasons Why Achievements Make Games Way Better

Here's a list of reasons why playing video games is a lot better when there are specific achievements and trophies involved in the gaming experience.

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KiwiViper851512d ago

I'm a real completionist so getting 1000gs from a game is my way of knowing that I've got everything out of that game and am ready to trade it in.

xarexerax1512d ago

I'm one of the few out here, despising achievements. Haha. I get it, though! I just don't care.

MAULxx1512d ago

Achievements doesn't make any game better.
You can lose yourself playing a great game. Achievements really don't add to that. In fact, they can get in the way if you let them.

Mr Marvel1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Achievements don't make games better, but trophies do. ;)

1512d ago
xwilldemise1512d ago

Good thing in every aspect as it gives more replay value to any game & keeps me playing even after beating a story mode. Achievements/trophies are sometimes the thing that motivates me to try a games hardest difficulty or to try modes I wouldn't have otherwise.

Only downsize of achievements are if you have both a Xbox & Playstation, the question comes to mind, do I want this particular game to raise my trophy or achievement count? If it's a multiplayer game it different because Id just get the version ppl around me would get. Wish both systems shared a trophy system sometimes :( lol

Tiqila1512d ago

Before Xbox and Playstation implemented achievements/trophies, games had replay value, too. 100%ing a Mario game or finding all secrets in a Zelda game was a good motivation to play those games over and over again. Getting that last mask in Majoras Mask? Took me ages without the internet and all. But then, finding out that all masks could be traded for another one which could make you super powerfull was a real achievement.

So what is the benefit of putting achievements on top of each game, which are most of the time no more than "kill <#x> people with weapon <y>" or "finish game on <difficult x>". Sure you can show it to your friends. WOW. Sorry, but achievements/trophies do little more than making people feel they did not really complete those games where they have not the platinum trophy or all achievement points.

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The story is too old to be commented.