Experienced Points: How Shadow of Mordor is a Poor Man's Batman: Arkham Game

Shamus Young:

Last week, I complained about how Shadow of Mordor botched the tone of the books. So what about the gameplay?

Shadow of Mordor is a rough copy of the Batman: Arkham series gameplay, so in order to see what Mordor gets wrong we need to figure out what Arkham does right. To talk about this we need to talk about mastering systems. From here on out, when I say "Arkham" I'm talking about Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. (Let's leave out Batman: Arkham Origins for now, since that game also fumbled a bit on the combat.)

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MSBAUSTX1507d ago

Didnt know I could chop off the heads of criminals in batman games. Oh wait I cant becaise Shadow of Mordor is what we wish Batman games were.

Dspdspes1506d ago

I do not agree with this article at all. IMO Shadow of mordor is a great game that mimicks some mechanics from other games. But is a totally different game and i'm loving it, especially the nemesis system.