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The Evil Within is overall a frustrating experience. Besides the gameplay being annoyingly slow, for what I can only assume is to artificially create tension, some design choices seem like they were made purposefully to create annoyance and discourage players from wanting to play at all. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the pacing is so bad that you never know what’s coming next, again artificially creating tension.

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vishmarx1505d ago

"gameplay being annoyingly slow. why cant the character sprint for as long as he wants?"
"the pacing is so bad that you never know what’s coming next,"
" If it weren’t for the clunky controls and awful wavy aim, the game could be a decent action game"
"Difficulty spikes are so prevalent that I almost feel like it’s a joke "
" very easy and quick to beat if you have even the slightest amount of sense"

who asks these people to review games?

says sprint is short but upgrades the pistol and not sprint then says its not stronger than the shotgun and thus upgrading system is useless

pacing is bad because he doesnt know whats coming ? does he know what the genre is?
oh wait . he thinks its an action game.
whines about how hard it is to beat ch3 boss because the game doesnt tell him how to,
then says the game is easy as cake.....

and were supposed to take this crap seriously! because theyre professionals?

DanteVFenris6661505d ago

It's simple, reviewer is a pansy. It's not an attack just some people can't be that idealized manly man. It's said that because of that he wasn't able to enjoy the game

BigShotSmoov0071505d ago

I got the game and love it, all other websites gave it positive reviews. There's no way this game is a 5/10 thats why I'm very particular with who's site I read reviews about.

jriquelme_paraguay1505d ago

Im playing it right now, almost 20hs and Chapter 11 of 15.
This game is SO GOOD! Im loving it, very Old School.

Its true, looks technically like a 5 years old game, buy IS EXCELLENT.

Th3o1505d ago

I agree completely, the review also constantly contradicts itself...and it's funny because the review's pacing is also unpredictable.

Sideras1505d ago

Sounds like a right scrub tbh.

" very easy and quick to beat if you have even the slightest amount of sense" yet he apparently sucked at it. He might actually have a shot working at kotaku. Being a moron and all.

TheJacksonRGN1505d ago

"Bosses are interesting but very easy and quick to beat if you have even the slightest amount of sense and understanding."

Bosses are easy, not the game itself is what he is saying. If you are going to quote someone, do it properly.

Regardless though, his review loses credibility, once he refers to it as an action adventure game. among other things.

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dreamed1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Thats because it is an action game....action horror,and at the last min devs thought,lets take all ammo away so we can call it survival horror imo.How can it be anything else??.

Now i love not having ammo in games,but dont send in ten zombies that all need 3-5 bullets to kill(during the many,many forced action moments) when all i got is a poxy box of matches...this game is so action over survival horror....prepare to be board to death with repatition.

I waited ages for this and in my opinion it gets a 6/10,what with the broken aim/stealth....lackluster upgrade system....alien iso takes a massive dump all over tew.....imo of course.

DanteVFenris6661505d ago

Hahahaha you have no idea what you are talking about. Evil within shits on last of us

Griever1505d ago

Now that is a going overboard and uncalled for. The Evil Within is a good game but The Last of Us is a masterpiece. There is no comparison between the two especially if you compare the story, emotions and character development.

Griever1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

You are not using the games mechanics to your advantage. You are not supposed to waste 2-3 bullets on each zombie. Level your handgun critical and accuracy and you can one-shot them with headshots or kill just one of them and then let others gather around the body and light the body on fire. I killed 8 zombies at once that way. You can also use the flash arrows of the Agony crossbow to blind a whole group and then sneak kill each one of them without spending a single bullet. The aim is terrible originally but it is perfectly fine once you level it up. The upgrade system is quite fun IMO since you have a limited supply of green gel and have to plan your upgrade path. Just level up sprint, harpoon, handgun and Agony. You have just not explored all your options and used the game's systems to your advantage. I agree that the game is frustrating often but that is only when you are not getting what the game wants you to do. And that is the only fault with the game IMO. You have to play by the rules or suffer in frustration.

dreamed1504d ago

You cant one shot most of the time,thats my point...but i accept ppl love it but for me....nah gimme alien anyday.

But thats not to say alien iso is perfect,the only bit i didnt enjoy to much is.....(POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD)....................

the bit about roughly 2/3rds of the way in when the alien fecks off for about 3 hrs & all your doing is fighting your way through androids....

DarkLord10031505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

The problem nowadays is that every can start a website and review games on there. That's the real problem imo.

Edit: Let me rephrase that.. the problem is that every nerd on the internet thinks that his opinion is important and somehow needs to be heard...

Kaostic1504d ago

Complains others give opinions. Gives own opinion and hopes it means something.

TheUberAsian1505d ago

I like the game, though I felt some chapters like chapter 10's ending, that chapter was rather frustrating.

SCW19821505d ago

WTF AND NO this garbage. Loved the game didn't find anything frustrating about it. Pacing is perfect. This reviewer is a class A moron.

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