“Hatred,” I Don’t See the Point

Matt Mitchell says, "I recently watched the reveal trailer for a game called “Hatred,” and only one thing came to mind after about thirty seconds of it; what is the point of making a game like this?"

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Axonometri1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

100% against this game. The celebration and/or act of killing for entertainment in the way this (not a game) depicts killing, is purely evil. Anti-Human. Anyone who supports this game has something wrong against life and being a part of the human race.

Jason_Plays_PC1507d ago

@Axonometri, Im 100% FOR this game and i think it will be amazing..Also im gonna feel no remorse for these digital peoples familys when i blow them away../s

Highlife1506d ago

Jason (Vorheese?) seems fitting you would want the game.

Game is stupid and disgusting

Exies71506d ago

... or maybe they just believe in freedom of expression. You know, considering that nobody is actually getting hurt from the game. Well, except people's feelers.

But cool, man. You go ahead and stereotype anybody that doesn't agree with your opinion.

bangoskank1506d ago

"I hate people and I want to kill them all!"
This expresses nothing but the obvious: the developers will use shock value to get attention and money from the mentally deranged teenagers who will eat this up.

Psychotica1506d ago

If this topic is acceptable is there anything that isn't? Seems like murder is worse than rape so theoretically there should be no reason to not have a game about rape. You know with kinect support, co-op so you can play with your parents or your grandpa, broadcasting on Twitch etc. etc. This game should probably have DLC that allows you to torture animals since many psychos start off that way, it would really be fitting.

OculusRift1506d ago

@Axo and everyone else?

I don't think you know what "humans" are. If you did, you'd know humans are naturally violent. The beings you see now, are what we've forced our species to become. What's difference when you "kill" a character in a game like infamous, Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA, saints row, RYSE or any other "m" rated game? Don't these games have you killing for entertainment? Or Is it because they sugar coat it and this game doesn't? Seriously, unbunch your panties and get off of your high horse. THERE IS NO GUN TO YOUR HEAD, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY THIS GAME.

bangoskank1506d ago

Idiotic. The games you mentioned have you fighting wars, mobs, antagonists, etc. There are plots in which you, the hero or anti-hero, are fighting a foe or nemesis. You do have the freedom to go on a killing spree in GTA but that's not the objective of the game and it can often be comical because it's not done in a sick, misanthropic, brutal fashion that "Hatred" has you doing it. If you don't see the difference there's something not wired correctly in your brain. And, yes, humans are a bunch of violent animals. Some of us have evolved while the majority of you idiots will continue to f*** up our species.

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Making a article about a game you want to see gone is A weird thing in itself. You want the game to fail yet here you are advertising for it, for free.

CrowbaitBob1506d ago

"what is the point of making a game like this?"

I've heard that question about lots of games ranging from Mortal Kombat to Surgeon Simulator. It doesn't matter if you see the point. It really doesn't

16bitNutritionist1506d ago

I see the point, 'BOOM' Satisfaction :D

DarkLord10031506d ago

If Hatred gets banned than every other video game were you kill people should get banned. What is the difference between killing a person on the street and a person in let's say Columbia or Rapture...
I'm all for Freedom of expression!

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