Developer Interview on PS4 Share Play and AV Improvements

Sony developers interviewed on the development process of the new PS4 firmware update "Masamune"

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lonelyplayer1509d ago

Share Play = Mind Blowing

FullmetalRoyale1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

My favorite thing currently is playing The Evil Within and having my friend participate. With both of us kind of heckling the game(with love) and him heckling me. I despised using twitch/ustream, as there is so much lag that he couldn't comment on what was happening because of the latency.

Today we tried it out and I got to deliver a perfect(for our sense of humor) line of "Looks like I'm... SAFE now", when I defeated safe-word, or whatever that safe-face guy's name is, do to little to no lag. Fantastic.

It's a much better experience now, for us.

I'm looking forward to actually letting(making) him play DA: Inquisition when I get it.

fei-hung1508d ago

Played DC on share play today and it was amazing. It felt like magic having someone navigate your console but no one being in the room. Not sure about TEW, but DC, although you don't control the game, the pad still vibrates as if you are so you get to see and feel the drive. It's really cool.