Bloodborne to Have Variations of Time and Weather In-Game, But Won’t be in Real-Time

If you’re one of the many who’ve been keeping track of From Software’s Bloodborne, then you might have noticed that in some trailers and screenshots, the sky looks brighter compared to other shots from the action-RPG.

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ftwrthtx1505d ago

I like it when you can sense the passing of time in-game

ChronoJoe1505d ago

It's great, but I think it's often better scripted than dynamic.

For instance letting the developers cultivate the idealistic lighting environment relative to each gameplay segment, can have much better results than dynamic lighting based on a progressive time of day. For me, in games like Borderlands 2 many sequences were ruined by night-times associated environmental lighting coincided with my introduction to areas more suited being well lit.

Games like GTA offer the best of both worlds with dynamic time of day, yet they force certain conditions for each of their missions. That makes a lot of sense to me, as it means each of the set pieces is appropriately lit, yet the world still feels real, with dynamic weather and time passage.

Exari1504d ago

btw, fromsoftware is following the exact same time system as demons and dark souls. so some areas are day, some are night, some are rainy, some are snowy, etc. and you can move between these areas whenever you want (cus its an open world) and they will always have the exact time/weather.

its not necessarily a bad thing, i believe it has to do with the type of enemies in the area, like if a boss is linked to appearing in dark so the area is prolly night, or a boss that is designed to have ice spells should appear in a snowy area instead of a sunny area etc.

Forn1505d ago

I wouldn't have figured that it would, so this isn't surprising. Can't f'n wait to play it though, Bloodborne is my most anticipated game right now.

JonnyBigBoss1505d ago

How about blood colored rain?

medman1505d ago

There appears to be plenty of blood in game, I mean some of the characters look like they're drowning in it...bloody rain would just make the screen completely red.

Jughead34161505d ago

Can't deny that it would be cool though.

dbjj120881505d ago

I have not really paid attention to this game, though From Software has done fantastic work lately.

DarkLord10031505d ago

Not surprising....
In the end it's all about the atmosphere. A real time day and night/wheater cycle could may harm that...
I rather have a great game with awesome atmospheric sceneries than day and night....

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