Dying Light - Now Coming Exclusively To Current-Gen Platforms, "Old-Gen Couldn't Run The Game"

Techland today announced that Dying Light, the first-person zombie action survival game, will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, while development on the previously announced Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions has now ceased.

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Snookies121506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

That's good to hear, I don't own a PS4 or X1, but they shouldn't hold back a game just to put it on last-gen consoles.

Dudebro901506d ago

Considering this game is only 3-5 months out, I doubt its using the current Gen consoles to their fullest capabilities.

The game was still designed to be cross generation.

ZombieGamerMan1506d ago

Could be that this whole time they've been having tech issues running it on last gen systems hence why the cancellation

pixelsword1506d ago

I hope they put as much in for this gen that they can and not slack because of last gen.

If they decide to go for last gen, to do the same for quality.

Army_of_Darkness1506d ago

Gotta respect these developers for cancelling last gens port of this game instead of releasing a shit product just to make more money.

mikeslemonade1506d ago

Last gen is lame. Move on.

Good news! Now the game is back on my map.

nX1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Support these guys! I definately will. They are a small studio that just gave up a large portion of install base while big publishers like Activision or EA release their flagship titles on both generations without thinking about hardware limitations. I will buy their game as soon as I'm done with Bloodborne and The Witcher.

hay1506d ago

Well, it's Techland. As I recall, their Chrome engine was JAVA based at some point in time, which explains everything Techland hasn't delivered. It's unknown how much of their code is C++ now.
Though Dying Light is supposed to use newest iteration of the engine dedicated to being current-gen only, hence the inability to run on older hardware.

It still will be the same crap as always with higher visual fidelity, physics sampling and lighting, as almost every current-gen game is. A PS2 game with PC quality graphics.

Good to have game design fairies here on N4G though.

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spacedelete1506d ago

its too late for them to take any advantage of next gen. PS4 and Xbox One will be no different than if it was still cross gen. only difference now is last gen versions cancelled.

xTheMercenary_1506d ago

I dont think so the game has just over 3 months left till it releases. They could achieve a lot in 3 months, thats for sure.

Conzul1506d ago

Lightning-fast loading screens it is, then.

Snookies121506d ago

Ah, didn't realize it was releasing so soon. They most likely wouldn't be able to take advantage of current gen hardware in that case. If that's so, it's too bad they couldn't make it work on last-gen consoles.

nX1506d ago

You do know that this announcement was rumored (!) many months ago? Just because they made it official now, it doesn't mean that they abandoned these consoles a long time ago.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1506d ago

That's probably why they delayed it in the first place. I've had this game on pre-order since February and I was extremely disappointed that the game didn't release in March, then April, then August, then 2015?

Ashunderfire861506d ago

Great news! They should of done this already. A game like this with open world for 40 hours, 4 player coop campaign, and 4V1 online is just too big for PS3/360. I wish Creative Assembly did the same for Alien Isolation. I hope more developers do the same too.

TheXgamerLive1506d ago

It'll take Dying Light 2 before we'll see true current gen versions being as this one was designed to run last gen consoles. Destiny all over ...........loading......... Again.

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Software_Lover1506d ago

Wow, those versions must've been craptastic.

ColeMacGrath1506d ago

This is probably what's gonna happen in the next few years as well, where most games won't be able to be run on previous gen consoles.

Palitera1506d ago

I think this will only be truth for annualy / milked franchises. Great games have already moved on.

ColeMacGrath1506d ago

I wasn't referring to the exact same move Techland just made with DL , I meant it in a general matter, like what Ubisoft did with AC Unity for instance (skipping previous-gen consoles from the beginning). Also, milked franchises like FIFA, NFS, NHL and all other EA sports games are definitely gonna stay cross-gen for a long time. FIFA 14 had a PS2 version FYI.

Ashunderfire861506d ago

2015 is the beginning of that. The year where last gen can't take the demands anymore.

JCOLE131951506d ago

Great to hear but at the same time unfortunate for those who still game on last gen platforms. At least the current gen versions won't be held back by last gen now.

bleedsoe9mm1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

time to upgrade , 350$ for a xb1 bundle , sony will probably match soon . christ a ps3 is still 270$ . these consoles are getting cheap fast , competition is a wonderful thing .

gangsta_red1506d ago

I agree, with the holidays coming there's no reason why most shouldn't update their systems.

Reaper29r1506d ago

Thank goodness. It's time to unshackle these systems from their predecessors. I'm not saying games can't still come to old gen, but they should be specifically for that gen.

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