EA Access on Xbox One “Surpassing All Expectations;” “Nothing to Talk About” for PS4 Version

During its financial conference call for investors on the second fiscal quarter of 2015, Electronic Arts just announced that the EA access on Xbox One is being considered a success by the company.

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4logpc1506d ago

It really is a fantastic service. When I didn't have a lot to play, i threw down the $5 and played fifa, and Garden Warfare to hold me over untill Sunset Overdrive. You can't beat the value.

lelo2play1506d ago

At this moment EA Access is better then PS+ and XBLA Gold combined.

bleedsoe9mm1506d ago

the real funny part was sony saying it wasn't good value , i love having it on xb1

hello121506d ago

I bought it just for the Fifa 15 trial and its well worth the money only costing me 3 dollars a month (purchased on the the American store) Just got garden warfare last week 3 dollars its a steal really. Downloaded a trial of NBA 15 last night.

n4rc1506d ago

I shelled out for the year... Fantastic service..

Gives them some added revenue on games past their prime that are all being sold used.. Plus it can revitalize the online component of an older game..

hades071506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Agreed, it is definitely a way for EA to combat used games sales. When games are out for 6-12 months people who were only partially interested start buying them used and EA sees no profit. This way people wont buy a used copy of BF4 or NFS: Rivals, instead pay $30 to have the game and more and EA gets paid, not Gamestop or Walmart.

Bigpappy1506d ago

I would like to see numbers though. If they have over 100,000 user, I would also call that successful at this point. It is not something heavily advertised. Reliving mostly on internet chatter

Blaze9291506d ago

"I would like to see numbers though"


Volkama1506d ago

It's one thing Sony refusing the service, but gotta wonder why EA haven't got it available on their own Origin platform yet. With their PC catalogue it could be stonking value.

Corpser1506d ago

Console gamers are used to subscriptions and renting games , tougher sell on pc.

Volkama1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

£20 a year for the mass effect trilogy, crisis trilogy, 2 dragon age games, plants vs zombies garden warfare, some FIFAs and need for speeds, 3 dead space games, tonnes of battlefield games.

I don't think it'd be that tough to sell...

Also, PC gamers have already embraced digital licensing and all the lack of ownership that comes with it. It's console gamers that cling to discs and resale value.

Pogmathoin1506d ago

I thought EA would push to have it on PS4 seeing as Sony really encourages used games.....

buttclown1505d ago

Two things.

1) PC gamers I know buy games on the cheap, like really cheap from Steam and don't want any subscription service for their games.

2) I haven't met a person on PC that likes Origin. At all.

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MrSwankSinatra1506d ago

"You can't beat the value." We'll see in the coming months if you feel the same way.

bleedsoe9mm1506d ago

why ? i look at it as a 30$ set it and forget it rental service , your going the get all the sports games even if its 8 months atfer release , fifa ,madden,nhl,nba, golf,racing and a fighting game and even if you only get 2 or 3 other titles . thats less than 5$ per game . then you add in the discount and early access its and phenomenal value .

Blaze9291506d ago

EA Access is one of the greatest things to ever happen on Xbox One to be honest.

BitbyDeath1505d ago

Cheer up, things aren't that bad.

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GoBySanchez1506d ago

Most expectations were at zero so yeah, I guess that's true.

- Sanchez

tgunzz1506d ago

Ha good one... Gobyebyesanchez...

roland821506d ago

Getting to try dragon age early plus getting a discount is what I'm looking forward too.

Lucreto1506d ago

Did they announce how many hours you can play the game in that extra week? Just curious

Ghost_Nappa1506d ago

6 hour access to the full game

Automatic791506d ago

I agree the service is fantastic and will only get better.

Blank1506d ago

Nice to know subscribers are enjoying but dont worry more publishers are going to do the same, and at that point you'll see the bigger picture.

lelo2play1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Well, if you want to blame somebody, it's Sony. They started this subscription model.

... and I agree, if EA Access is successful, there will probably be similar services from companies like Activision or Ubisoft.

Blank1506d ago

Im not placing blame on no one because any company can offer a service of any type, its up to the consumers to support it and I will leave it at that.

Ippiki Okami1506d ago

"They started this subscription model."

WOW. such BS! xbox live was the first subscription service on consoles. It's success is what led sony to make PS+ mandatory on PS4. If EA access is a success expect another DRM console in the future. Sorta like the one EA and Ubisoft encouraged MS to build this gen.

n4rc1506d ago

Why worry?

Personally I think its a great idea.. Give me the option to pay $200 a year across publishers to play any game I want..

Blank1506d ago

Well I wouldnt say that im worried Im just an old school gamer that just collects games and memoribilia. Something I would worry about in the far future is if some kick ass game is exclusive to having a subscription, I kind of go crazy when I dont have the game I like physically. Im sure a person like me is the minority but dont think im knocking on this I just think more about like physical gaming stuff down the road (collectors or limited edition sku)

sovkhan1506d ago


Cheer up mate!!!

If pc people have already embraced digital licensing, it's not yet the case console wise :)

I'm just like you digital don't mean a dime for me, and as long as disc based game with no steam like shit are here, i'm a happy gamer.

NeoGamer2321506d ago

I hope they do. I only buy digital and this service helps on the costs of digital day one a lot.

Volkama1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Fingers crossed other publishers offer similar services, yes. Get Ubisoft on there ASAP, they already have a broad enough catalogue to support it.

If enough publishers jump on this bandwagon then we'll finally have a console digital ecosystem that can stand up and be counted in the same breath as Steam.

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