PS4 Share Play can confuse your console into downloading a patch for a game you don't own

GameZone: "After trying out Share Play extensively earlier today with a few titles like Lords of the Fallen, Destiny, Spelunky and Resogun, I was contacted by my fellow gaming partner that his PlayStation 4 is now downloading a 4.7GB update file for Lords of the Fallen, a game he doesn't own."

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ThinkThink1505d ago

I feel like Sony needs a Beta program for its updates similar to what MS does. This seems like it would have been an easy catch.

bleedsoe9mm1505d ago

ms is doing it so smart , work on a couple of things at a time , get it out to beta , fix bugs , put it out wide , then move on to something else . its so logical i can't believe a major corporation came up with it .

Eonjay1505d ago

Are you saying that SharePlay wont be iterated on?

bouzebbal1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Windows says hi. the most flawed OS on the planet.

EDIT:you are crying because a patch is downloaded on your console you dont even own.. wow! just wow.
how about this: patch is ready if you decide to get the game.

donthate1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


"Windows says hi. the most flawed OS on the planet."

You are talking about the worlds most used and popular OS. Of course you will find flaws when you have like entire world running on it.

In contrast, Sony has 15 million PS4s in the wild at most, and they couldn't get such a simple thing right.

I think you got your priorities wrong.

"how about this: patch is ready if you decide to get the game."

Nice one! Why don't Sony just randomly download all patches on your PS4 (and ignore people that have download caps) so it is ready when you happen to get a game? Wouldn't that be convenient for you!

The excuses for Sony are amazing by some!


I think he is saying that the old fashion way of releasing on big update a year, then deal with a bunch of bugs for a long time, then rinse repeat isn't good.

I certainly expect Share Play to be iterated on. In Sony's defense, an agile development schedule requires staff that is rather experienced in software development to keep things on schedule and have everything in place like internal tools to manage it.

If this is the only real problem, then Sony did a fine job with as much as they have.

I think Sony's got enough on their hands when an update breaks PSN. They need to work on getting maintenance on PSN done without taking it down like Xbox Live first.

bleedsoe9mm1505d ago

@Eonjay i'm sure ms will iterate on sharplay , sony will as well it will just take longer ,the perfect system for me would be the steam style sharing with the free multiplayer and coop from sony's plan . i can't believe that many people disagreed with me , shows how much logic is being used on this website .

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badboyz091505d ago

I decided to buy UFC 14 today :)

Thanks Shareplay!

MasterCornholio1505d ago

I'm dying to try out that feature.


stuna11505d ago

Or maybe it's in anticipation of perhaps once you've tried the game you'll buy it. It could be looked at different ways, and of course you don't have to let the download fully install anyway just a simple couple of steps to cancel and delete the install.

GameDev11505d ago

Thats odd, jus shareplayed Drive club, some lag here and there but it was a great experience and it didnt download any updated patch I would have missed for Driveclub (and we know there is a lot of them with the online problem)

Maybe it is due to the developer needing the patch for the game to actually work, even through shareplay

That being said, hardly an issue since it was only one game, might be a developer thing as I said above

Eonjay1505d ago

"and we know there is a lot of them with the online problem"

This. Yeah my shareplay game didn't force any patches either. And I know they exist. Anyway, yeah it seems like it has something to do with the game. As we know, the program should not require you to download anything. Sounds like a special case, or a bug.

Yetter1505d ago

no shareplay shouldn't ever require a patch on the guest console. The host console is compressing the gameplay into a video and streaming that to the other console. No reason at all that would require a patch on the guest

boing11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I'm sure it's not because of shareplay. Maybe the person had Lotf in the drive just once, for a moment.

Sm00thNinja1505d ago

Well that's dumb hopefully a fix is on the way

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