PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Grand Theft Auto, The Walking Dead

With Halloween just days away, you’ll be able to pick up some scary games for cheap this week in North America.

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TrendyGamers1505d ago

How does the Vita version of The Walking Dead run? Is it comparable to the PS3?

T3mpr1x1505d ago

Hoping it's better. The PS3 version sure likes to stutter a lot.

Darkwatchman1505d ago

Thankfully I never played it last gen. I'll eventually get it on ps4. From what I've heard, the second season runs perfectly fine and the first season on ps4 still has issues, but runs better on ps4

fudgenasty211505d ago

i have season 1 on ps4 and there are no issues.

Ultr1504d ago

ps3 Version is really bad. I bought both seasons on ps3 cuz I couldn't wait for a ps4 port, and yeah I recommend not getting that version :P

KR1ST0F3R1505d ago

The vita version has a lot of stutters and immersion breaking pauses as it loads. Poorly omptimised port I guess.

Vita is the only way I played. Can't compare to ps3.

paul-p19881505d ago

I've only played the Vita version of season 1 and 2, they are both really good but they do have some stuttering just after it autosaves, and occasionally when the viewpoint changes, but it's still very enjoyable.

rayzorn1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

i played the vita version it ran well. but when you die it took a really long time to load back up. all loads where a little long. but ones after you died where bad.

never noticed any stuttering or anything.

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dbjj120881505d ago

May pick up Season 2 since I haven't played anything of that yet.

crusf1505d ago

The Walking Dead Sale only apply to the PS vita and PS3 versions only? That's a shame seeing as they were released on PS4 not to long ago

knifefight1505d ago

Anyone know if Walking Dead Survival Instinct is worth getting for even $10? I'm not expecting much from a quick Activision tv show tie in game, but i thought it might be decent since it has Daryl in it.

QuebecSuperstar1505d ago

I don't know yet but I took the plunge. It can't be bad to the point of it not being worth 9$.

ColeMacGrath1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

GTA4 for $20 that is a 7 year old game, it should be $5. GTA 5 is ~$30 on Amazon.. GTA sale is pretty meh IMO.

decrypt1505d ago

20usd to play it on a system thats dead no point. Might as well get the Pc version for 5 usd play it in 1080 and beyond and get to keep it for a very very long time.

ColeMacGrath1505d ago

Um thanks for the advice, but I'm doing just fine with my PS3. Got GTA4 Complete Edition once on sale for $10, not a bad deal if you ask me.

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