Microsoft Has Fired the Shots; Now It's Your Turn Sony

An article on PlayStation Enthusiast reads:

I can feel your piercing gaze as you read the words of this article. Indeed, it’s quite a bold statement to say that Microsoft has 1-UPed Sony — but in all fathomable honesty, there really isn’t any other way to put it, except for the fact that Microsoft’s performance as of late has been nothing short of beautiful.

Now, why do I say that? I mean, come on — every time we hear about Microsoft and the XBOX One, it’s usually accompanied by a headline like: “Game ‘XYZ’ is 900p on XBOX One and 1080p on PS4″ or “Microsoft Signs Exclusive Deal with ‘Company XYZ.’ ” Indeed, the Green Camp has been grinding against the guardrail for well over a year now. In fact, in the summer of last year, Microsoft was seen as one of the most evil entities in the entire industry, and the XBOX One was the core of that. Surely, with all pitfalls this console and company has found themselves in, how on earth can it be even remotely logical to call their recent performances “beautiful?”

I’ll tell you why — that’s because it’s the truth.

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TheWatercooler1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Microsoft has 1 upped Sony?

Last time I checked shareplay is one of the most innovative gaming features that has come along in years.

And Sony did it.

As for the gaming conventions. Microsoft again only created headlines with controversy. (look at gamescom with the tombraider deal) While Sony's conference was full of quality unique games.

Then there was the revolutionary way they introduced Silent Hills with P.T. Sony are consistently giving gamers new experiences.

Pogmathoin1508d ago

Great reviews on Sunset, followed by these stories....... Not surprised.....

NegativeCreep4271508d ago

Exactly what I thought after seeing this article. Not to downplay Sunset Overdrive, but you would swear with all this Pro-MS hyperbole that Sunset Overdrive was up there in the IP ranks of Metal Gear or Halo.

Griever1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Just a clickbait title. After reviewing all of history since both consoles were revealed, the author just says that since Xbox One is $400 now, the PS4 should sell for $300 and that since Forza and Sunset Overdrive got good reviews, the PS4 games should get better reviews. That is what he meant by "shots fired" and "your turn." :/
Completely stupid article. Why Sony have to take a $100 loss on each console when it is breaking records and outselling competition almost 2:1 at $400!? As for the reviews, they are just opinions. Reviews have been quite inconsistent recently with several good games getting scores that are all over the place. Some game get liberal 10s even though 10 means perfection which they clearly are not. While other games get 2s even though a 2 means borderline broken or unplayable which they clearly are not.
Looks like the author came up the with a sensational title and then thought what he should write under it.

Thatguy-3101508d ago

Sunset overdrive has been getting good reviews but wow do people bring it up like it made such a big ruckus in the gaming industry like let's say The Last of Us did last year.

u got owned1508d ago

Sony is in a position right now where they can sit and wait to see what happens. MS have come along way in terms of fixing the bad PR the XBO had but Sony its just unstoppable right now, killing Europe every month and winning on MS own turf.

They don't even need a price drop.

wsoutlaw871508d ago

This article is pretty terrible. Releasing games that we knew were going to be released and being forced to cut your price is beautiful, and shots fired? How is releasing games something surprising? Then the writer feels the need to pointlessly retell the tortoise and the hare story.

Jaqen_Hghar1508d ago

Sunset has a metacritic of 82 compared to 80 for Infamous Second Son. If Xbox fans are going to praise Sunset based on reviews (which it earned it's a great game like all of Insomniacs other than FFA and A4O a man is sure) then they must admit Second Son is also worthy of praise as a true next gen exclusive. Otherwise they're just having double standards.

mikeslemonade1508d ago

Sony doesn't need to do anything.

Alsybub1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


"Sony doesn't need to do anything."

That's worrying if people think that. I hope Sony don't think that. Not in regards to this but in general. I don't want my PS4 to not be the best it can be due to complacency.

SilentNegotiator1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


That's because the media is full of shills and Microsoft spends the most on websites and their ad space. One of the big ones they fund is Polygon - even giving them $750,000 to do a documentary...about themselves! (sounds legit and not at all like a way to filter money to the guys that do them favors) - and you know how they do their reviews with PS exclusives compared to Xbox ones.

UltimateMaster1508d ago

Sony should drop the price temporarily or make bundles, just to have fun.

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u4one1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Sony could do no wrong in your eyes and everything they actually do is amazing. Share Play is in fact cool. its just the other stuff that the PS4 is still missing that I personally would find more useful. Still no DLNA for example. Or MKV support....

aceitman1508d ago

@u4one ps4 is a gaming machine 1st sonys words and has been proven and sony has added the features they said they will have with 2.0, ms words x1 is a mutli media device which was missing all those things that make it that till they put them in on there monthly updates.

Alsybub1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


I've always felt that the "gaming first" thing has just been spin for the PS4's short comings.

On the subject of X1, most of the features that have been added to it the PS4 doesn't have, so it's not exactly catch up. The X1 is not multi media first, that was only when it was announced before E3 last year and ever since, due to them realising their massive mistake, it's been gaming first.

Before people start labelling me an Xbox fanboy, I would like to point out that I own both, I love both and I'm just taking them for what they are and what I see.

Oh, and about shareplay, personally I think it's a gimmick that no one will be using in a few months and Sony's time and efforts could have been used on other things that are more meaningful. I don't feel the need to give up my PS4 for someone else to use and, since everyone says the PS4 is all about the power, the 720p limitation kind of goes against the grain. That's just my opinion and I know a lot of people are excited about this feature, I imagine it's the idea of being able to 'borrow' other people's games but how many people will want to lend them? You can't exactly leave your PS4 on for a friend to play either because it requires your intervention every hour to allow them to continue playing. For the 'virtual couch' thing I kind of get it but I don't think it's worth it just for that.

garos821508d ago

pretty much everything they do IS amazing.

One thing i would like though is for them to reinforce their online systems and purchase/rent more servers to deal with influx of online gamers. i think that is their biggest flaw and one that could be potentially damaging to the brand going forward.

Having said that, their history from PS1 days shows that they are willing and able to output tons of games from all walks of life. with games such as rime, wild , no mans sky and many many more i have no doubt that they will offer tons of new and innovative IP's which makes them favourable in my eyes

miyamoto1508d ago

I don't understand how basically giving away your product for free or at a huge loss just to make a wider install base is a 1Up...

M$ is bottom line selling the XB1 from $500 to a $350 value or $300 if you take away the bundled games.

They are making the console look cheap!

Not a very nice way of keeping the "premiere value" of your product and that is not how people in NA see "value" in products. And we are are talking about hardcore gamers here not young casual gamer kids.

There should be a balance between perceived value and price to keep consumers going after a hot item.

aceitman1508d ago

@miyamoto u are so right , heck even Nintendo had the guts to keep the price and proof that they have the games without price cuts and without giving games away. this has to be the 1st console in history to cut the price and give 1 and 2 games away for free. its actually a scary thing to think about .

headblackman1508d ago

ms isn't making the console look cheap. you fan mentality and desire to wanna view it that way is what's cheap and rather lame. cut the crap and give ms and the xbox it's credit for giving the gamers everything that a true gamer could ask for. and if you've forgotten what that is or if you never new what that was, let me remind you. GAMES GAMES GAMES!!! and that's exclusives,multiplats,and indies. if you can't see that, then we all know what that means even if you won't admit it.

miyamoto1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

LOL! @ the disagrees!

"You Get What You Pay For!"

That is an old saying I learned the hard way living as an immigrant here in America.

I came from Southeast Asia where you basically get most stuff at bargain price legit or pirated stuff.

In America the consumer's attitude is so much different. They stick to that saying up there. They know the meaning of "value" and that is what keeps products selling.

Buy "cheap" stuff you get what you pay for and regret it.

Skankinruby1508d ago

Lol finally someone with half a brain who acknowledges the obvious. What I find particularly amusing is that there are still Microsoft loyalists who are saying the gaming division is profiting. IT CAN'T BE. They admitted they were selling at a loss even at the 400 dollar price tag then apparently made adjustments to increase the profit a tiny fraction. Now the are selling it for 50 dollars less and bundling their most anticipated exclusive this holiday for FREE. Its not rocket science! Microsoft gaming division is in huge trouble and I guarantee they are hemorrhaging money.

Picnic1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Microsft are swimming in money because of Xbox Live subscriptions. More or less the same service that Sony gave free of charge for 6 years on the PS3. Although many PS3 owners will have upgraded to Playstation Plus that came with games that were worth the cost and more. When you add up what Microsoft have made from the ability to just play online- going right back to 2001 when this frankly cheeky company entered the market, smacked people over the face with the best graphics on paper but also with the only online charges, Microsoft have made many hundreds of millions pounds that their competitors might not have.

Because of previous generations, Microsoft can afford to give a lot away. They just choose not to. They have a knack of getting hold of iconic studios which is not only a benefit to them but a detriment to whichever companies used to have them. either exclusively or on a third party basis. These sores in the side of their competitors (Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break) are why the Xbox is quite so popular outside of the hardcore Halo / Titanfall types. Sales are pretty decent considering everything.


I can totally agree with this statement...well said.

JeffGUNZ1508d ago

huh? The system went $100 cheaper by making a bundle without kinect. Also, MS has money to spend, so a $50 decrease off the product during the busiest shopping season of the year is smart as they should be able to push enough consoles to even make a profit from cutting back $50. Only on a sale is a bad thing lol.

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gangsta_red1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Isn't shareplay a feature used on Steam for the longest time now? Steam family Sharing it's called, is it not the same..I believe it is, so how can it be innovative and Sony was the only one who did it?

MS also brought the games, how unfortunate that a certain fanbase went out of their way to only focus on the one aspect of the conference while ignoring all the other great titles (Ori, Cuphead, Below, etc). But it's typical for them to fan the flames and make it bigger than it really is, as you can see the outrage and anger is gone after only a week.

Yes, the demo of P.T. was awesome for PS4 gamers. But MS is giving their gamers a lot more new experiences, variety, with more full games, apps and features with a stable online network and updates that their gamers are actually asking for.

Oh, ok, so instead of actually sharing the whole game to play like Steam, you can only jump in the middle of a game while actually being played? Is this correct?....hmmmm...kind of like the way Steam has it set up honestly.

And you don't need to be in the same household or on the same network. You just need to authorize whoever you want to share your games.

Snookies121508d ago

Steam's Family Sharing requires you to be in the same household on the same network if I'm not mistaken.

mkis0071508d ago

Not even close to family sharing. This is letting someone play your game in the middle of a session...not sharing your library while you are at work.

BlackTar1871508d ago

Except MS isn't giving their gamers a lot more new experiences or variety or more full games. Maybe Apps

you can have the Apps the rest is just your deluded mind. They gave so many experiences that between titanfall and now you had no retail exclusives.

keep trying Gangsta Red

SquillieDeeWilliams1508d ago

Why doesnt anyone ever mention that you can share digital games right now in X1? It may only be with one person, but its full games that you can play at the same time. $60= 2 copies. It seems like nobody ever talks about this.

gangsta_red1508d ago


Exactly!!! But to be fair it does seem like an exploit rather than a feature. But you can set up two Xbox One share a whole game and that person can play that game for as long as they want. You can even play the game at the same time AND multiplayer at the same time no problem.

Except that MS is giving their gamers a lot more variety D4, Project Spark, Killer Instinct S2, FH2 and now Sunset Overdrive...that's a hell of a lot more than what Sony gave you between...uuuh..Infamous I guess..

"titanfall and now you had no retail exclusives."

Lol, I love that you had to say "retail", now it matters if the game is retail! Keep reaching for the bottom and trying to pull out anything no matter how deep it is.

Ju1508d ago

Works on the PS4 as well as long as the machine the games are played on are registered to the main account. Anybody with any account on that machine can play them. You don't have to make your second console a master console. You have to log into PSN and download them once with your own account and that's it. And with your own account you can play all your (digital) games on any console - even if your account is the guest account. Works with multiplayer as well.

And has nothing to do with SharePlay where the actual game is actually running on the hosts PS4.

wsoutlaw871508d ago

steam family sharing is just game sharing except only one person can be using it at a time. When you game share on the ps4 by changing primary ps4s at least 2 people can be playing the game at the same time. shareplay is completely different.

user56695101508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Everybody is wrong. I don't know how. Share play is completely different which I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong (which yall don't seem to do when yall don't know) is play others games like u are there on their couch .

Steam family share is a completely different beast. You share full games completely with 5 people of you're chosen. You just can't play the same games at the same time, but you can any of the other games in my collection while i play that game for FREE. Every stat and save is your own. Their games are yours as long as you let them use it. My friend has my whole steam collection converted to pc gamers instantly. It's basically game share on ps3 except you can't play mp. We use to abuse socom with this.

Steam home streamin streams your collection of games to any pc on your network. you can't use the host pc while this happen. this is where people get the one person can use at the same which is kinda wrong . You are streaming so its obviousonly one person can play at a time . your comouter is locked up playing the game.

This is good for ps4 owners not sure if you have to play with the host or can u use it without the owner of the game when you want to play again. please don'truine the good moment . Steam is on a different leagu. My friend is not much of a gamer he udes it to play my actually share your games. This is good for being more social in the ps comunity

Ju1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Steam's family share is basically the same on the PS4. My son is playing all my games overseas where his PS4 is actually registered to my account under his name and he earns trophies on his account with my games.

At the same time I can play all my games on my PS4. Only difference is, my PS4 is actually not registered as my main PS4, yet my PSN account is the main account. Confusing?

We can also play the same game at the same time on mine and his account. Competitive and Co-op (e.g. done with FIFA co-op online).

SharePlay's controller sharing has always worked using remote play on the Vita (and now VitaTV). My son was streaming FIFA and I joined him as a second controller (second player on the Vita across the ocean). Now, this feature is expanded to a PS4 as "client", however, in contrast to Remote Play it is a) limited to 1 hour (per session) and b) requires an explicit invite.

And, SharePlay works with anybodies PS4, while for RemotePlay you have to actually register the client once (and this remains statically linked, while SharePlay does this per invite).

In both cases, RemotePlay and SharePlay, the game runs on the hosts PS4 and streams the video only while receiving controller input over the network.

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2cents1508d ago

"Sony has the upper-hand"

"Sony currently has the industry eating out of its palm"

"again set the gaming world on fire with an amazing machine"

"The PS4’s sales have been nothing short of stellar"

"the system is doing more than fine"

"Sony has pushed Microsoft into a corner"

these are just some quotes from the article. I personally thought it was a good read, with an actual message.

It does not surprise me that you have cherry picked the most powerful quote that can be taken out of context when viewed on its own. Yet it is painfully obvious that Sony is dominating this generation so far. Just look at those quotes.

So the Xbox is getting a little love, are you that selfish that you cant even let anyone else play?
Don't be greedy dude, share the love.

joab7771508d ago

Did he see today's update?

geddesmond1508d ago

All these articles about how great MS and the X1 are. Makes me wonder if MS had a few mil in marketing to spend by paying websites for some positivity.

Propaganda works. Just dig up Hitler and ask him.

Sketchy_Galore1508d ago

He didn't say anything, he just lay there looking all creepy and skeletal. Mind you I'm not totally sure it was him, it was too dark to read the headstone. I'll try a few more then get back to you.

geddesmond1508d ago


Lol it probably wasn't him. Isn't Hitler shacked up in some cave in Afghanistan with Saddam, Bin Laden and Gaddafi playing strip poker

fanboysmackdown1508d ago

So where's the games WC? MS is delivering right now and Sony's next exclusive is months away. I'm glad I bought both but geez Sony, make my purchase worthy other than just 3rd party titles. And what are you talking about saying Sony delivered on Silent Hills? It ain't no Sony exclusive bub.Sony is all bluster right now, next year will be good but MS is making big strides gamewise.

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I'm a Wii U and PS3 owner, here.[not PS4 or XBOne]

Last two gens, I owned a PS3, PS2, Wii, and Gamecube.

Before that, I was purely a Nintendo gamer.

I broadened my horizons tremendously by going multiplatform, and I don't regret a single cent spent in the pursuit of great games.


Personally, I've never owned a Microsoft home console.

I've just seen no need to when the exclusives that interested me / were to my tastes, weren't numerous enough to justify owning all 3 consoles of a generation.


This is not the same as saying that I didn't have ANY interest in any of the games on their systems.

Fable and Panzer Dragoon were two of the first eye-catchers I saw from them, and Halo, while a bit meh for me, still looked like a solid and fun series.

The biggest drawbacks for me, though, with both Sony and Microsofts systems, is their approach towards backwards compatibility[during this gen for both and last gen for Sony], and their insistence on making online games tied to their subscription services, which is why I've stuck to the PS3 from Sony, and haven't bothered picking up an XBox of any variety so far.

The PS3 has an older model with BC that you don't have to "rent" or "stream", and the online is still free.

So long as those units still exist, I have no reason to upgrade to a PS4 until more single-player games come out.

Likewise, so long as the online isn't free and the BC is done wrong, I have no reason to pick up a Microsoft console until more single-player games come out.

I know what some of you are thinking right now...

I'm bananas. *eyebrow waggle*

BC isn't important, and the fees for online are tiny/needed.

But for me, I value Backwards Compatibility with at least the most recent last-gen console over having a blue ray movie player instead.
The expense of making it compatible is worth paying for, if it means I've got a machine that will live longer than the last generation will, that will continue to allow me to enjoy my past games whenever I like.

Likewise, I still don't see the logic in making the online tied to subscription fees when PC versions of many of these same multiplatform games do not charge a single cent, and still, in some cases, run better than consoles.

Their consoles gameplay features, as well, haven't inspired me to jump in. I don't care much for the Share button of the PS4 or the Kinect games of the XBox line.
I'll probably earn downvotes galore for this, but...
I wish both of them would copy Nintendo and make a Game Pad-like device, then build games that use it well.
That, to me, would be the best thing ever; high power on top of more gameplay control options.

Quite frankly, both Sony and Microsoft haven't convinced me to jump into their next-gen swimming pool quite yet.

In a year or two, when their single-player offerings are much better, I'll probably change my mind.

But until then, I'm satisfied with my PS3, Wii U, and my new gaming laptop.

Big_Game_Hunters1508d ago

Shareplay is innovative?!? I can let anyone of my steam friends log onto my account right now and play anygame they want, at any resolution they want at any framerate they want.

DJStotty1508d ago

You mean like how originally every game on the Xbox one would be able to be shared with family members/friends? A feature that was ridiculed by gamers?

That is why they had to do the 24hr check in. Otherwise no one would buy games. They would just keep sharing them.

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Kid-Prodigy-KP1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

They don't need to make a move. They have too much momentum on their side being 6 million ahead of their competition. The only move their making this holiday is the PS Experience.

ThatOneGuyThere1508d ago

sony should focus on 3rd party bonus content. honestly, they already have a ton of exclusives in the pipeline. the battle is going to be won convincing people that games are better on the PS4.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I think a lot of people are already convinced PS4 run games at 1080p. I mean just look at how people reacted to AC Unity being 900p on Xbox One & PS4. I think that Sony has already convinced people enough. They already have enough games this holiday advertised for their system like NBA 2K15, Destiny, Far Cry 4, GTA V and what not.

joab7771508d ago

While this is true, it's the easiest of arguments to win. MS will get back in this fight only w exclusives.

GameSpawn1508d ago

"While this is true, it's the easiest of arguments to win. MS will get back in this fight only w exclusives."

Which Microsoft has a horrible track record of producing themselves. Buying....well that's something different, but it is hard to buy your exclusives when the publisher has double the chances of sales on the other platform, or even better chances just not being exclusive at all.

Microsoft's 3rd party exclusive "bullying" only worked when the 360 was ahead...back then they had the clout to coerce publishers into exclusivity to their platform (either the whole game or DLC). Now they don't and Sony has been much more friendly and open to both developers and publishers.

MRMagoo1231508d ago

The new 2.0 update is gonna give them a huge boost as well when word of mouth spreads about share play.huge feature

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago

I would rather have native backwards compatibility over a share feature, honestly...

Xb1ps41508d ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! Why should Sony do anything?! When they have a big lead... So what that games like dc are shipped broken and who care that psn is always down and now it's due to the update that had many other updates so that this update would work but still doesn't...

I mean hey resolution ftmfw....

Spotie1508d ago

God, you guys are desperate.

DarXyde1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Google is pretty much unmatched and they STILL go all out with added features they don't need to (seriously, Scholar, Maps, Earth, Images with the pixel match technology, integration with browser, gmail, and android, Google Drive, Google+ and Google Hangouts?). That's why they're such a respected and almost unanimously praised company.

Sony can hang back, but they can't rest on high pre-launch laurels forever. This is made more obvious by the fact that PlayStation 2 was an enormous success and XBOX 360 fractured their fan base. Consumers will go where they feel their investments means more, so I would rather Sony stay aggressive. Be more aggressive, actually.

wsoutlaw871508d ago

lol stuff like maps, browser, gmail, android, and everything else you mentioned arent features, they are different services, to make money. You could say sony offers tvs, cameras, cell phones, ect. but that would be stupid.

Sony has absolutely no need to slow down. They dont make their money off of systems, so I dont know why some are acting like they will just stop making games. They make their money from game sales. The more systems they sell, and the higher game sales, the more games they could justify spending money on.

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PaleMoonDeath1508d ago

These are video-game machines, nobody one ups anybody here :P

Seriously, the men who work in these company's must get a giggle from people getting worked up over these things. Play video-games peeps.

ThatOneGuyThere1508d ago

as an industry *vet*, I can tell you its MUCH crazier inside of the companies than it is on the outside. everyone in these companies are pouring their heart and soul into their products. working tons of overtime, etc. to try to one up the other guy. some people like myself leave gaming because its simply too stressful in the long term. good times can be had though!

PaleMoonDeath1508d ago

.. Let me live my dream bro.

raWfodog1508d ago

That's understandable as the livelihoods of the employees are directly tied to the success of the company. If the company is not doing well, then people get laid off.

I don't see why fanboys on both sides get themselves worked up so much though over the success (or failure) of the 'other' console. It has no bearing on them enjoying their console, at least not logically.

ThatOneGuyThere1508d ago

unfortunately, people get laid off when they're successful, too. Another reason staying in the gaming industry sucks. Its not the fear of not having a job, its the fear of not knowing where you're going to be working next year.

every place ive worked:
Metacritic MATTERS
Huge parties for new releases
Sales figures MATTER and are cause for alarm or celebration. It sucks when you work on something that flops. You know your limited time is even more limited. You end up spending all of your time to find another team to join within the company, or start actively looking for a different job in another company. Let me tell you, it gets REAL quiet around the office when your product is a dud.

Paytaa1508d ago

I'm not entirely sure that the Xbox One will ever be able to surpass PS4 globally but what I am sure of is that Microsoft is going to do whatever it takes to make a comeback. The Xbox One left a bad first impression but as time goes on people will find out the real beauty, just like many did last-gen with PS3. We're not even a year into these two beasts duking it out but I am confident that Xbox will repair its image. It won't be a slaughter like the PS2 vs OG Xbox. Being the underdog isn't always a bad thing.

raWfodog1508d ago

That's the beauty of competition as it basically forces companies to continue innovating and making bold moves in order to entice consumers into buying their products. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my PS4 this holiday but I'm also keeping my eye on XB1. If they continue to improve, I'll be picking one up sooner rather than much later.

Speak_da_Truth1508d ago

Sony has answered to me with one of the most innovative features. I still am amazed at how Shareplay works but talking about games I like how ppl under look Lbp3. Just because MS made a desperate move doesn't mean Sony has to answer back but we'll see how Sony answers in the coming days or weeks.