PSN Down as Sony's Servers Feel PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Strain

Push Square: "Being a PlayStation fan is a bit like supporting the England football team these days: when the chips are up, you just know that they’re going to come crashing down at some point. As such, it’s no surprise that just when we were starting to feel satisfied with PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00, the PlayStation Network has come crashing down."


Update: Service has now been resumed globally.

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imt5581505d ago

Well, i can enter in PS Store ( US ), but i can't download anything. Friend list and message board working fine.

ReconHope1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

It's getting ridiculous how frequent downtime is on the playstation network. I sometimes wonder what i'm paying for. PS3 seemed to do online free without this much hiccups. Messages were actually instant and didn't take 5 minutes to come up in your inbox.


AskPlaystation Twitter has recognized the problem

"Ask PlayStation @AskPlayStation · 11m 11 minutes ago
We're aware some of you are unable to connect to the PSN at this time. We are investigating the issue."

2pacalypsenow1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

10 million people downloading an update

Cant even PLay nba 2k15 cuz that single player game needs online....

badboyz091505d ago

Any time these topics come up. Lets all go to Twitch and check out the PS4 Twitch Page and see if there is any truth behind this.

badz1491505d ago

I think it's more to do with people trying share play all at the same time.

donthate1505d ago

An update broke PSN?

What is this house made of? GLASS?

Seemingly thin glass!

Gaming247allday1505d ago

Seriously though, why the hell do we have to pay for PSN now on PS4, the service sucks and should be free

ABeastNamedTariq1505d ago

Exactly! There's no reason it should be down this much.

jspsc1231505d ago

i had a feeling this was going to happen

q8kik1505d ago

It's working now ( for me )

Eonjay1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Also It looks like YouTube is finally ready. And everything is back up. Okay... 1 hour, Not their worst but we still want better.

If you want YouTube and don't want to wait for PS4's store. Use the and send it to your PS4 directly from there.

q8kik1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

sorry double post

BitbyDeath1505d ago

Had to replace the hamster

AliTheSnake11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

As a Network engineer myself, I understand the situation, traffic sucks, but Sony should be prepared. Why don't they upgrade their servers. Should have used that Gaika stuff to add servers to their network.

This is unacceptable now. We're all paying for the network, if your internet or phone stopped working for few hours, you are going to call your ISP and complain. Why don't we all call sony at the same time.

Everytime this shit happens they TWEET an apology, and that their "engineers" are BS "investigating" .All they do is split the traffic, reset it, and hope half the people are gone, to allow the rest in.

I expect them to have a better network by next year, and they better be prepared for all the new players around Christmas.

gamer91505d ago

I would be pissed if i had listened to my Playstation friends saying PSN is "exact same" as Xbox Live. All i play is online, really happy i'm not putting up with this crap every week or month.. PS4 crowd is certainly vocal, time to make a stink about this and get it fixed.

jrshankill1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Why am I paying for this service?!?!

PSN is totally a*s. Back to Xbox Live for me.

SonyWarrior1504d ago

Idk if these psn is down articals are all troll posts or what but my psn always works for me connects fine every time was on all yesterday.....

UltimateMaster1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

WTH you guys talking about? I've been playing online all day on my day off.

The only thing I couldn't access for a short while was the PS Store. As usual, it's a Tuesday the time they update the store. Even that didn't last very long.

It's also the last day that their promotion over buying for 100$ get 15$ back ended. They probably needed to make a compilation of what everyone purchased with the Sale of the Dead Movie sale and the Ultimate Bundle deals with Flash Sales that they had going on this month.

Friends worked all day and it's now faster than ever. Party Chat works. Online multi-player works and never went down.

You can't say the ENTIRE PSN is down due to just a couple of things being updated. Be more precise next time.

"Update: Sony said that it was investigating the latest PSN outage issue, and it doesn’t appear to have taken long to solve."

Stop being such Drama Queen, go get yourself a Snickers.

Kidmyst1504d ago

Having owned a PS3 since launch and now PS4, I have personally rarely seen a PSN downtime other than the DDOS hack and like when the PS4 first launched. Only a handful of times I haven't been able to connect, most of the time it's 3rd party companies game servers. I play mostly in the evenings though after work, and it sounds like it's down more though during the day. maybe it has to do with region too.

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GarrusVakarian1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I can sign in too, and I can see friends playing online, but I can't play BF4 online myself or load the store.


Who's bright idea was it to release a major firmware update the same day the store undergoes maintenance? Seriously, Sony can be so damn incompetent sometimes. There needs to me some serious changes in how PSN is run and how it operates. It's like it's being run by a bunch of chimpanzees.

Eonjay1505d ago

It was going good... and then they updated the store. YouTube was showing up and then it went down for me.

legendkilla1505d ago

Can't sign in for me :( was gonna play some Destiny but I guess I will try later

Software_Lover1505d ago

I think you're insulting chimpanzees.

spaceg0st1505d ago

Bf4 huh? Do you ptfo? Are you decent?

GarrusVakarian1505d ago


Yeah, it was completely fine for most of the day, I was playing BF4 for hours with no problem...then suddenly everything goes to crap.

Store maintenance shouldn't even be a thing, it should just be done in the background like it is on XBL. We're paying for this service now, we need to start seeing a reason for the charge.

GodGinrai1505d ago

"It's like it's being run by a bunch of chimpanzees."

I dont know why, but this comment made me think of this..

nix1505d ago


i really hate that part where we have to be connected to PSN to watch youtube videos via app. really stoopid move.

Eonjay1505d ago

Looks like its back up and the Store went into maintenance mode and look who showed up lol:


Volkama1505d ago

What, DriveClub's online features aren't enough for your money? Hmm you could have a point.

Comes back to the same old question though; would you be happy to pay more and/or lose the free games? Or do you really feel you are not getting good value right now?


God i hope its not these chimpanzees thats running psn..chimpnology:

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TheWatercooler1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

People who complain about PSN don't seem to realise that PSN has an unprecedented number of people that connect to it.

There are over 80 million PS3's sold (more than xbox360) and PS4 is dominating Xbone at over 2 to 1. There are more gamers on PSN than anywhere else. FACT!

If xbox had to deal with as many people they would probably have lot more trouble too. It's something we will never know as Xbones sales continue to be poor.

@Matt. Calling PSN simply poor? I wouldn't expect anything different from you. Your comment history betrays you.

MattE1505d ago

Great spin on the issues.. But PSN is just poor. Deal with it

GarrusVakarian1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

More excuses. Smh.

The very fact that there are so many PS4's out there and so many people who connect to PSN every day should be cause for Sony to improve the network. It's a year after launch and PSN is arguably WORSE than it was at launch. They can't just do nothing while their playerbase continues to grow, they need to accommodate that growth...which they seemingly aren't doing at the moment.

It's Sony's responsibility to make sure that their servers/network can cope with the huge amount of traffic it gets, it's not our responsibility to make excuses for their incompetence. We're PAYING for this.

ManiacMansion1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

lmao... when 6 million xbox one and 80 million x360 users are downloading an update, they have no issues... not even with the downloading times!

300.000 servers from MS say HELLO.

Whats are you paying for? I sold my PS4 just because of that! I prefer some less pixels but a perfect working system!

ashcroft1505d ago

PSN is very poor in comparison to xbox live or even steam. You can tell right off the bat that Sony is a hardware company with not much expertise in the software side of things. While it's vice versa for Microsoft.

360 had a much more install base and it was rock solid during these huge updates.

Steam is stable as well.

Why this is an issue is due to the fact you need to pay for it on the ps4 and it's the same issues as the free ps3 online.

Too bad you only have a bubble, I guess both MS and Sony fanboys are tired of your excuses.

TheBrit1505d ago

Yeah you think ALL 80 MILLION PSN USERS are connected at the same time??? Excuse after Excuse for a shoddy network ran by shoddy people.

And everyone laughed because you had to pay for xbox live. Look how it compares to Sonys attempt.

TheBrit1505d ago

@ManiacMansion I cannot tell if you meant Microsofts updates work great or work bad but if your implying there are always issues with xbox live updates. I think not. at least not to the extent seen here.

I never personally have issues getting xbox live updates and it's always very quick. Actually now on the xbox one, it's already done before i wake up or before I get home but either way the update is always done while my console is off.

(I do still hate having to update the controller firmware separately though)

Death1505d ago

So the 90 million people using PSN is much worse than the 85 million using Live? That's pretty well thought out excusing.

Good job.

andibandit1505d ago


Yeah Microsoft has like NO experience with Client-Server based solutions.......smh

AAWELLS091505d ago

Lovely spin. You almost had me until a little bit of thought entered my brain.

WilDRangeRfc1505d ago

Damage control at its finest,go YT and watch NextGen interviewing a former Sony fanboy hacker who used to hack Sony lobbies kicking them offline and even making they're PS3 freeze so it could only be turned off at the mains,he says Sony has not even got a firewall on PSN,the service is a shambles and light years
behind Live,oh and 360 is around the same as PS3 in sales and I'm willing to bet that Xbox has more Live subscibers than PS as Xbox is very MP orientated a lot of PS owners enjoy single player games offline

NoDucks1504d ago

Ha Sont probably can't even afford server uogrades... we all know they are running out if money fast

eyeDEVOUR1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

i agree... ps4,ps3,vita,psp,pspgo and ps mobile...not to mention all the apps.

im sure xbox live has more subcribers than ps plus because all ps platforms are free to play online except for ps4...idiot

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xer01505d ago

It's not easy being the no.1 console on the market...

DefenderOfDoom21505d ago

Well it is 4pm here on the east coast of USA and i am back on the PSN ! Only 20 minutes of waiting for me . Good job SONY!!

GameDev11505d ago

Wonder why you got disagrees, it is the same for me, Whats new, Live from playstation, Store, shareplay and the rest are working

But I tried to download war thunder and it gave me an error, then tried to connect on the PSN app, an error message appeared too

I understand it wont be the same problen across the board, some people will get worse situations and some people will just be slighty bad

But to disagree with someone who is looking at his PS and telling you what works and what doesnt is ridiclulous

BeefCurtains1505d ago

Is the PS network off line enough that it's really an annoyance? Or do they just blow it out of proportion for clicks on articles?

Xb1ps41505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


Psn was not ready this gen.... No wonder why Sony didn't want to push all digital, they just can't handle that....

illAmpRefugee1505d ago

Psn isnt down 4 me only the store

turdburgler10801505d ago

PSN down, what else is new. What a crappy service.

illAmpRefugee1505d ago

Same here psn is still up just no store. Been playing madeen online all day

Muzikguy1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Sony can't be this clueless. They're killing it in sales and raking in the Benjamins right now so why isn't the PSN beefed up?! All this online focus and we're essentially being told when we can play. Fukkin ridiculous. Come on Sony, get it together! I know you read this stuff!!

It's not that hard to have and run a server farm nowadays. Many companies do it, and they can be pretty self sufficient with solar panels

WilDRangeRfc1505d ago

How are they 'milking in the Benjamin's when they are in serious financial shit!!! PS4 is selling very very well but Sony are losing a lot of money and it's getting worse by the day,get your head out the sand and wake up for fucks sake

Muzikguy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

My head isn't in any sand, wth.... Should I have said "games division" to please you? Smh.... You know what I'm talking about. The point is that whether or not the company has billions, but that server farms should be a priority. Sony can and should get this crap up and running. Their games division is making tons of money. This is a game website, and that's what I was meaning. We as gamers shouldn't be expected to keep all the other divisions afloat.

Wake up he says...

Funantic11505d ago

The update is only 218mb.

otherZinc1505d ago

This isn't acceptable. Sony needs to get this right. Consumers are paying $50 annually PSN.

irishyort1504d ago

CAN I JUST SAY!!!!!!!!!

Can't they time this so it is between the hours of 9am and 12pm and 2pm and 4pm.


I'm pretty sure if they pre warned us, we could all get this sorted when we had things to do at this time with an auto update that didn't interfere with gaming.

FFS I was in a raid on Destiny and this just wouldn't let me play any further at what appeared to be a prime time 10pm (There was heaps of people online), Destiny's did an update update, which co-insided with the PS4 update so.... no compensation of Legendary stuff made this suck :(

.... no seriously.... 1 hour into a raid with all my endgrams and I got nothing to show for it now.... DAMMIT!!!

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Stapleface1505d ago

The locking of games during these outages needs to be taken care of. Their servers being down shouldn't block me from playing the games on my console.

ReconHope1505d ago

Always online nightmare is slowly going to become the norm. Stupid practice by game developers..

Notramagama1504d ago

People always talk about always online with the short comings from all systems... This is only an issue for sony. XBL doesnt shut down for updates. Don't knock a potential MS policy with a Sony reality

1505d ago
extermin8or1505d ago

When it's back up renew your licenses that should fix the issue.

Stapleface1505d ago

Your missing my point. The issue is that it happens in the first place. It should not happen at all. When it's down, you can't renew making some games (digital titles) unplayable because they are locked for no good reason.

f50liv_imposter11505d ago

yh same here it was fine all day but in the last hour its been a nightmare

RedDevils1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Not me and most of my friends play online perfectly fine, maybe some people get short end of the stick

DarkLordMalik1505d ago

It is down for me the first time today.

swishersweets200311505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

this is the kind of crap sony keeps feeding us. we need to get people to stand against being charged to play online, because when their system goes down(and it goes down way to much) we can't get access to the things we purchased or play the games we want on multiplayer.