Lords of the Fallen Walkthrough and Guide - Tips to Survive

Bryan Dawson (Prima Games): Lords of the Fallen will seem very familiar to gamers who played Dark Souls. The biggest difference is the difficulty. Lords of the Fallen is essentially what you would get if you took Dark Souls and made the difficulty more in line with other (essentially easier) games. Anyone who played a decent amount of Dark Souls should feel comfortable jumping right into Lords of the Fallen, but you may need some help to uncover side quests and defeat bosses.

One of the big aspects of Lords of the Fallen is the addition of numerous side quests. There are many instances in the game where you quickly move through an area and then battle against the boss. However, if you speak to a few NPCs, you can help them with their side quests. This will sidetrack you from the main story, but you'll reap considerable rewards for assisting these non-player characters.

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