Did Nintendo Accidentally Gimp Super Smash. Bros?

GeekParty: "Can you imagine what would be possible if Nintendo decided to release Super Smash Bros. exclusively on the Wii U? For starters, it would probably be released already, not contain missing features at launch that were highlighted in its 30-minute hype video, and set the console on the path out of obscurity."

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ghettosmurf1505d ago

I'm sure it's entirely worth it to Nintendo considering that 3DS version is probably going to sell 2-3 times as much as the Wii U. More for less!

JoshEngen1505d ago

Yup. I feel like this is a fairly obvious ploy on Nintendo's part to force players to buy both games.

JoshEngen1505d ago

And I can't really blame them. It's a good strategy.

xPhearR3dx1505d ago

"We’re given a bare bones 3DS version"

Ummm what? The 3DS version is packed with content. For a handheld game, it's a damn good "bare bones" version of the obviously superior Wii U version. And to be perfectly honest, playing the 3DS version has actually made me want to purchase a Wii U to play it all over again but with even more content. Had the game been exclusively for the Wii U, sure, I would have wanted it. But chances are, I would have never even considered buying a Wii U for it.

shaw981505d ago

The 3ds version has a ton of content. What is this thing talking about?

wonderfulmonkeyman1505d ago

"yet somewhat incomplete (no screenshot sharing, no stage sharing, no Mewtwo, no tournament hosting), Wii U version."

All of the things in parenthesis are confirmed to be in the works for the Wii U version.
Why is it being called "somewhat incomplete" as if these things aren't in the works?

Say what you want about the 3DS version being gimped due to the hardware.
There's truth to that.
But the fact of the matter is; it's awesome to play it on a handheld.
It's great to be able to take Smash on a bus trip and sometimes run into others that want to go a round.
It's a good thing that the 3DS version exists.
And even if the 3DS version wasn't being created, I sincerely doubt that that would have affected the Wii U version's roster, because that's based more off of who Sakurai wants in it than on how much room they have to work with. Having more room wouldn't have guaranteed a return for any of the extra fighters.

And even then, to call the 3DS version "barebones" is doing it a great level of disservice.
It's a fantastic portable fighting game that everyone who owns a 3DS should experience.

King Nezz1505d ago

Even with features that Nintendo could easily add but won't, Smash has more content than other full fledged games plus their dlc. I can't and won't complain. I'll be playing it regularly until the next one.

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