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RosweeSon1331d ago

Or just enjoy your christmas in peace for free ;)

RosweeSon1330d ago

Swerve call of duty for another year ;) not played ghosts can't remember what was before that and won't be playing this new one they were and maybe still are great games but too many screaming kids and my mums a (insert schoolboy insult) fun for about 20 minutes a day and then I've had my fill, get much more entertainment/enjoyment out of my other systems and games these days but then that's just me I did buy call of duty every year since 360 launched with number 2 ;)

scottieleverne1331d ago

It's really just a trailer for the one map you get on day 1 for purchasing the season pass. Nothing more. :(

crusf1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Activision really needs to rethink there DLC pricing. Nintendo is charging 12 dollars for two DLC packs containing 8 race tracks,tons of karts,and 6 characters in Mario Kart 8 which is great while Activision charges 15 dollars for 4 maps and maybe a weapon for a single DLC pack.

spicelicka1331d ago

Wow you know the industry is a low point when you see DLC trailers before the game is even out.

neocores1331d ago

Its show the preview of one map lol. Maybe you should watch it before you slam the game:)

crusf1331d ago

If it were any other game he wouldn't have put up that comment.

badvlad1331d ago Show
spicelicka1330d ago

Yea and that preview is for a bonus if you buy the pass! DLC should never be released less than 5 months in the game, unless is essential to the game.

It's just stupid, I'm paying $60 for the game, with the usual 10 maps lets say, with a campaign, with a co-op mode, and everything else that comes with the game. Then they're asking me to pay half of that for just like 4 maps! That's absurd in concept!

wonderfulmonkeyman1331d ago


This is not coming to Wii U!

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The story is too old to be commented.