WWE 2K15 season pass clarifications: Paige release, PS4/Xbox One upgrade and more

2K clarifies some details on the season pass, including the release of Paige as a playable character and possibly being able to upgrade the DLC pass to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Kid-Prodigy-KP1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Disgusting. I'll wait till next year 2K16 to see if they actually put an effort into putting a lot of content on the disc right from the start.

Hysteria941506d ago

Yeah I think it is disgusting , im still going to get the xbox one version and all the dlc because I'm a huge wrestling fan but im pretty annoyed that they didn't include all the dlc in pass even though a season pass should have everything... I understand that they are giving us more content and supporting the game after release but they don't have to pull a [email protected] move and rip the customers off. In Australia we are already paying around $100 for the game at eb games ( owned by gamestop) -_-.

xwilldemise1506d ago

Paige is bae <3 I'll get the season pass since it seems it's a fair amount of content it brings. Wish companies would stop with this season pass fad though, only reason I'll get this is because I'm undeniably a huge wrestling fan -_-

spacedelete1505d ago

theres something wrong with the next gen versions. 2K are too quiet on it and its only two weeks away.