18 Greatest Video Games Of The PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Generation

"The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 battled it out for nearly a decade; both consoles seeking to be the go-to gaming platform. The Xbox 360 promised to be the best console to play the multi-platform blockbusters on, while the PlayStation 3 was the home of niche (but excellent) exclusive titles.

No matter where you eventually sided, you were bound to be greeted with exceptional games, and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters? Some people continue to write off the last generation as a waste of time, yet gaming has arguably never been better. Brand new IPs sprung up all over the place; old favourites received a new lease of life; and as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fast approached, it only seemed to be getting better – despite many belittling the consoles for their aged hardware."

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SegaGamer1455d ago

From that list, only GTA 5 is in my top 20.

shloobmm31455d ago

Im surprised you would have Gta5 but not Red dead redemption

SegaGamer1455d ago

To be honest, i have never played it so wouldn't know if it's any good or not :P

Software_Lover1455d ago

Mass Effect (the first one) was by far My favorite game last gen. I spent more hours on that game than anything in recent memory. Mass Effect 2 got nerfed in the RPG department, and Mass Effect 3 was just stripped completely.


gillri1455d ago

I prefer Mass Effect 1 over 2 in many ways but I still prefer 2, the toning down of RPG ness didnt bother me when the characters were done so damn well

The Meerkat1455d ago

All 18 deserve to be there.

But would you kindly add another 2 to your next list.

Smokingunz1455d ago

That list was kinda lame! Bioshock as number one, really!? Bioshock was a great game but it shouldn't have been no.1.also gears of war and uncharted should've been in the top 5.resistance fall of man needed to be on that list

1455d ago