See Forge in Halo 2 Anniversary – Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Did you know that Bungie originally wanted to include Forge in Halo 2? Fast-forward ten years and it's finally happened...sort of. While you still can't Forge the classic Halo 2 maps, you can Forge the six Halo 2 Anniversary maps, or just build your own map in the Xbox One Anniversary engine.

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aviator1891509d ago

-Natural terrain
-HUGE maps
-Dynamic elements
-Switches can set off fusion coils, etc
-Terrain is better coloured
-Zanzibar gate can be placed to open and close
-Switches can spawn vehicles
-Can be hanger doors that open for vehicles when you shoot a button
-Heretic banshees

....holy crap.

nicksetzer11509d ago

Halo: MCC as a whole just makes me say "holy crap." Definitely the best value I have ever seen in a video game.

3-4-51509d ago

This has me more excited for MCC than anything else about it.

I just love creating things in games.

ManiacMansion1509d ago

Best package of all time!

After seeing SSO reviews there is no way to give the MCC scores below 9... GOTY award incomming!

Software_Lover1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Do you guys think the servers will be able to handle this game when it comes out? I'm expecting a big overload and most of us won't be able to play.

edit:................ too early lol

GodGinrai1509d ago

It'll be just fine. Im trying to think of an MS game that had serious problems, online at launch...and im really struggling. lol

But yeah...Halo..on Dedi [email protected] It wont sink in until im playing it. First thing im jumping into? Big team battle! Then Ill start my master chief marathon weekend with my buddies :)

Woop! Woop!

cl19831509d ago

To be fair halo 4 did have server issues, but that was due to a hurricane hitting NY at the time.

Ausbo1509d ago

I think a lot of people will make that weekend Halo weekend. I know I am as well.

Pogmathoin1509d ago

One guy comments about the servers, will they be up, not tagged, two guys give a response, and generally XBL has been more consistent to be fair, and trolling...... Whats the point in agrees/disagrees if one fanboy complains.....

yarbie10001509d ago

Did you just get here? Let me welcome you to N4G

Software_Lover1509d ago

I will admit I was trolling. I'm pretty sure the servers won't go down. It was more asking a question in a sarcastic manner.

I just can't believe no one caught it and disagreed actually thinking I believed the servers would go down.

sidenote: Newtons law, they still might.

Cream1509d ago

why is saying something good about MS Trolling?
Show some gamer LOVE.

Sincerely Cream

gangsta_red1509d ago

I caught the sarcasm Software_Lover, but like Admiral Ackbar "It's A Trap", as you can see from the two comments below. They fell right into it.

DonFreezer1508d ago

Just check the below comments about PSN. They got marked for trolling. Even the mods on this site are pro-sony its quite obvious.

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Gaming247allday1509d ago

Epic, so on top of having everything it already included, now we can make an endless amount of maps to be played as well, can this game really be this perfect? wow

hello121509d ago

Man it would be a dream come true if Microsoft did the same for Gears of war. I never could get into Halo just wasn't for me, but respect to Microsoft MCC it will be great for Halo fans.

My friend will be getting it though and we share games, i try it out, but its not a game i'll be playing often.

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