MS To Allow 360 Compatible Third-Party Hardware?

The rumour section in the soon to be released EGM (August 08 issue) sees growing speculation from Quartermann that Microsoft is now sanctioning and apparently allowing third-party manufacturers to make 360 compatible hardware.

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Boldy3617d ago

Hopefully this leads to some cheaper compatible hard drives.

pharmd3616d ago

this can only be a good thing.... more options is a win/win

Amanosenpai3616d ago

Sony should consider a new product called Playstation 3(60) in order to save his a$$ in the console war.

spandexxking3616d ago

*rubs eyes* Microsoft.......3rd party peripherals!

LostChild3616d ago

If cheaper and larger Hard Drives are made for the 360 than the current ones out now. (20g $100 and 120g $170), A lot of Core and pro 360 owns will be very happy.

Nevers3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

for HDD's ... I just upgraded mine when they had a "one day sale" I heard about on N4G. The 120gig went for $130 so I broke down finally and bought one... still kinda pricey at $1/gig. IMHO it's absolutely ridiclous/criminal that they charge $100 for that inadequate 20gig.

But yes ... the 360HDD's need have a price adjustment.

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kalistyles3616d ago

Considering the poor job they did the first time around. Let the hardware manufacturers make the hardware and the software guys(aka. M$) make the software. That was their first mistake to begin with.

trancefreak3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

damn what a way to confuse the hell out of your consumers + reinforce that fact that you need outside help for quality control on your flagship game console.

i can see it now xbox 360 by philips cdi lol

JasonPC360PS3Wii3616d ago

It works for PC, DVD and even Blu-Ray.

pumpkinpunker3616d ago

Microsoft wins because they hardly make money off the console anyway. They make money off xbox live and the games. They would still make money from licensing the peripherals to third parties also. Microsoft would sell more games with a larger console base.

The consumer wins because, let's face it, the 360 has the best game library out there and the best online service. It's just a more fun console. The only thing holding people back from jumping on board is their distrust of Microsoft's hardware (me, personally, I've had no problems). So if Toshiba or Panasonic puts out a sleeker Xbox for a cheaper price then the average consumer would be hard-pressed to have a reason not to jump on board.

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The story is too old to be commented.