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MS To Allow 360 Compatible Third-Party Hardware?

The rumour section in the soon to be released EGM (August 08 issue) sees growing speculation from Quartermann that Microsoft is now sanctioning and apparently allowing third-party manufacturers to make 360 compatible hardware. (Xbox 360)

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Boldy  +   2710d ago
Hopefully this leads to some cheaper compatible hard drives.
pharmd  +   2710d ago
this can only be a good thing.... more options is a win/win
Amanosenpai  +   2710d ago
Sony should consider a new product called Playstation 3(60) in order to save his a$$ in the console war.
spandexxking  +   2710d ago
*rubs eyes* Microsoft.......3rd party peripherals!
LostChild  +   2710d ago
If cheaper and larger Hard Drives are made for the 360 than the current ones out now. (20g $100 and 120g $170), A lot of Core and pro 360 owns will be very happy.
Nevers  +   2709d ago
Keep an eye on Amazon
for HDD's ... I just upgraded mine when they had a "one day sale" I heard about on N4G. The 120gig went for $130 so I broke down finally and bought one... still kinda pricey at $1/gig. IMHO it's absolutely ridiclous/criminal that they charge $100 for that inadequate 20gig.

But yes ... the 360HDD's need have a price adjustment.
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Mr Blings  +   2710d ago
more reliable hardware
kalistyles  +   2710d ago
Makes sense
Considering the poor job they did the first time around. Let the hardware manufacturers make the hardware and the software guys(aka. M$) make the software. That was their first mistake to begin with.
v1c1ous  +   2710d ago
kb and mouse?
eh eh?
trancefreak  +   2710d ago
damn what a way to confuse the hell out of your consumers + reinforce that fact that you need outside help for quality control on your flagship game console.

i can see it now xbox 360 by philips cdi lol
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2709d ago
It works for PC, DVD and even Blu-Ray.
pumpkinpunker  +   2709d ago
This could be a great idea
Microsoft wins because they hardly make money off the console anyway. They make money off xbox live and the games. They would still make money from licensing the peripherals to third parties also. Microsoft would sell more games with a larger console base.

The consumer wins because, let's face it, the 360 has the best game library out there and the best online service. It's just a more fun console. The only thing holding people back from jumping on board is their distrust of Microsoft's hardware (me, personally, I've had no problems). So if Toshiba or Panasonic puts out a sleeker Xbox for a cheaper price then the average consumer would be hard-pressed to have a reason not to jump on board.
Dpa  +   2710d ago
I will be so happy if my Logitech Driving Force Pro worked on 360.
LostChild  +   2710d ago
I also hope this means that logitech will be making wireless controlers. I really like their PS2 wireless control I had.
kevoncox  +   2710d ago
IM back
me thinks
PirateThom  +   2710d ago
Why even have USB if you're not going to allow third party devices?
Chubear  +   2710d ago
.. trying to take a warning "how not to proceed on your 3rd try" guide from Sega but flirting with succeeding where the 3DO failed by tryin to do the same thing the 3DO did? Wow, this is very very risky stuff for MS.

Taking any page from past failures just can't be a smart move IMO but we'll see.
kewlkat007  +   2710d ago
Would be nice if TRUE
then it would be about FN time...

Sh^t cost too damn much. I hate prepriatory hardware...

Ope n up the flood gates of accessories..
The Wood  +   2710d ago
madkats 360 controller:
no thanks

western digital hdd:

yes please
dcbronco  +   2710d ago
This might be about set-top boxes.
This could be in line with the rumors of a Microsoft/Netflix deal. And though it's been a while, Microsoft still has yet to act on the deals they made with a lot of the fiber cable operators. I expect to hear something at E3 about set-top boxes for cable and Netflix with 360 game compatibility. That would give the 360 a huge sudden increase in household penetration. They could rent cable boxes for 12-15 bucks a month. Before people think that is too much, most people that have a HD DVR from the cable company are already paying 10-12 dollars a month now. Remember Microsoft has already made the 360 DVR capable.
Superfragilistic  +   2710d ago
I was thinking along the same lines. But I also think opening up the 360 for 3rd party hard drives, whilst some mild security concerns would keep MS paranoid, it would be a much needed boost to their online content business which their making serious money off at the moment but could boom if this happened along with a more organised marketplace.
thehitman  +   2710d ago
thhey dont already do this...?
No wonder why there crap is so expensive they are the only providers... they should do what Sony does and make anything and everything compatible with their products instead of trying to be greedy.
andron666  +   2710d ago
I doubt MS would let anyone undercut their profit on overpriced accessories...
What good would that do them?

360 owners have complained, but taken it, so far. So I highly doubt it will happen.
JasonXE  +   2710d ago
about time
project76dodo  +   2710d ago
wow how desperate
xbots spin this as you will

how sad when MS has to have other people make their consoles

playstation is starting to climb high
and once 2.40 and HOME come out
its over for xbox/live

socom confrontation
Dead Space (that is being created with PS3 as lead platform)
Resistance 2
caffman  +   2710d ago
i think you turned left instead of right
because you are in the wrong zone
pumpkinpunker  +   2709d ago
stop trolling
How come ever xbox thread is littered with sony trolls? it's kind of annoying. must be a bunch of 12 year olds with N4G accounts who are mad their mommies bought them a PS3 and they can't play Halo.
project76dodo  +   2709d ago
i thought this was a gaming site?

i own 360 and ps3

ps3 is truly starting to show its power
360 seems to be in limbo
and wants to be "hardcore gamers console" and wants to bite off wii
every chance it gets

bots are getting mad because they realize MS has only Gow2

Fable 2 looks like crap

and psn is getting everything you pay 50 bucks for, for free
dcbronco  +   2709d ago
This is actually extremely smart.
You're looking at this as a gamer instead of from a business standpoint. If other people start making 360 console or set-top boxes, MS still collects licensing fees. This would also kill any fears that the 360 would die once MS brings out a new console. Plus if this is about cable boxes, the 360 would add 10-15 million users on this the first year. Which then leads to more license fees from MS selling software. You throw in live and 360 functionality for 13.99 a month and people would buy it quick. Hell, somebody like Motorola could make them for hotel VOD and added 360 functionality with games on demand. There would be a lot of possibilities and MS would be getting licensing fees from all of them.
Andronicus  +   2710d ago
this is probably wireless controllers, remotes & memory cards. dont get your hopes up for HDs
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2709d ago
This is just the same thing that happens with most electronics, it's all about who's operating system runs those electronics.
wicked  +   2709d ago
3rd party bluray add on?
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2709d ago
Finally, so MS can stop ripping us off or perhaps they are ripping off 3rd parties that is passing along the cost to us. Either way MS gets your $$$.
AuToFiRE  +   2709d ago
HAHAHHAHAHHHA not a chance... microsoft will lose money that way and doing so will lead to lots of piracy..
AngryTypingGuy  +   2709d ago
They said 360 COMPATIBLE hardware, so this most likely means that other companies will make entertainment devices that happen to feature the ability to play 360 games.
xboxfounder  +   2709d ago
You don't think...
That MS is going to lisence HW that they make a profit on, so someone can sell it for less do you? That won't happen. They will only license HW that they aren't interested in making that they think would be good for teh business to have in the market.

Come on, think about it.

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