Razer to Unleash Leviathan Soundbar

Razer has announced today that it will be bringing the latest and greatest in surround sound gaming to the world with the Razer Leviathan Soundbar.

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TenBensons1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

You can't get surround sound from just a sound bar and a sub, or am I missing something?

febzilla1512d ago

I have a sound bar only because we didn't have space for our surround sound system. It serves it's purpose, but I miss drowning in the sound.

BluFish1512d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree. This setup goes against the very definition of surround sound, i.e. you are surrounded by sound.

It could still be amazing, but I agree that it's not surround sound.

jdiggitty1512d ago

No, you are correct. These type "surround" systems simulate the rear channels by echo essentially. It can never work as true surround since your ears detect direction.

FYI, satellites and a base cannot recreate a full sound field either so look into that before heading to a Bose store.

Perjoss1512d ago

No you cannot get surround sound from a sound bar. Companies sometimes claim to emulate surround with software but they are always terrible in comparison to having 4 or 6 satellites plus 1 center and a woofer.

Somebody1512d ago

I use an Asus sound bar and it perform as expected. I react properly to the sounds around me in games just as much as when I used my older 5.1 speaker setup. It does feel weird when hearing sounds behind me because I know there're no satellites there.

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Axonometri1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Oh yay! Another tinny, synthetic-sounding bar.
A 5.25 inch speaker is not a Subwoofer. Maybe you can call it a deep throw mid-range. Funny this bar only has front left and right drivers. It's left out a center or even 4 front firing drivers. You would be better off buying a good set of stereo full range speakers or a set with an actual sub 8" and up for $200. They have these two front firing drivers so close together they will be having to add a lot of processing to create a even moderate size sound stage.

jdiggitty1512d ago

These are essentially an Energy Take 5 system. I believe they are made in the same factory by the same workers

Axonometri1512d ago

Take 5 are perfect example. Thanks.

Software_Lover1512d ago

I think Vizio makes great soundbar systems with the 2 rear satellites. 1 large soundbar that does LCR, 2 rear satellites, and 1 subwoofer. Can't beat that for 5.1