Fallout 4: Geoff Keighley hints at possible VGX 2014 announcement

Geoff Keighley, host of GameTrailersTV and, more relevantly, the executive producer of VGX (formerly known as the Spike TV Video Game Awards Show), has recently stated that he had a “great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda,” hinting at the possibility of a major game announcement – possibly Fallout 4 – at this year’s VGX.

If Fallout 4 were to be revealed at VGX 2014, it would fit right in line with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s pre-release schedule, which was officially announced at the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards (now VGX), followed by gameplay reveal at E3 2011, with a release date of November 2011.

Fallout 4's pre-release schedule would be similar if is announced at this year's VGX, with a gameplay reveal at E3 2015, culminating in a launch date of November 2015.

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DesertFoxJr1425d ago

Same here.

I'm really interested in what engine Bethesda will be using for new Fallout/TES games. Because in all honesty, Gamebryo has got to goooo.

guitarded771425d ago

Didn't we have the same hype last year, then had the crappiest VGA announcements ever? The tweet looks promising, but I am in no way getting my hopes up this year.

zeee1425d ago

^ This.

I can't wait to sink hundreds of hours playing Fallout 4!!! Been waiting for it since Fallout: New Vegas.

nX1425d ago

Rule #1 of gaming: Don't fall into DoritoPope's hype... I believe it when I see it.

Genuine-User1425d ago

I think they're probably working on showing us the new DOOM.

Pogmathoin1425d ago

This is something you do not joke about!!! This game is becoming the holy Grail!!!

BeefCurtains1425d ago

Did anyone actually open the link? That guy just took a picture at dinner with some Bethesda employees, and then people following the tweet started talking about Fallout 4, and no one responded...

I can NOT believe this is a rumor... What a waste of time.

Sly-Lupin1425d ago

Not me. I'd much h prefer they stick with TES. I'm sick of post a apocalyptic settings where everything is brown and dirty and dead.

Unless Fallout 4 has some color to it, I could care less.

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Excalibur1425d ago

I'm in, I love me some Fallout.

scark921425d ago

Fallout 4 would explode the internet

DesertFoxJr1425d ago

That is indeed very possible.

At least it wouldn't explode the earth...Fallout 4 IRL.

scark921425d ago

I have just begun collecting bottlecaps for just an occasion!

KiwiViper851425d ago

It might explode N4G, but not the internet.

Hendrickson1425d ago

YESSS, this better be true!

bleedsoe9mm1425d ago

man , halo , uncharted , tombraider and fallout next xmas would be sweet

DesertFoxJr1425d ago

Next year's holiday season will potentially be even more crazy than this year's holiday season.

Michiel19891425d ago

even more? Are you implying this holiday season has some big hitters besides the usual sequels? This holiday season is actually very VERY poor.

Only thing we get which isnt an annual release is Super Smash.

salmon_slapped1425d ago


Far Cry and Dragon Age aren't annual releases either, and there's SO if you have an x1. Even though Unity is a new release in an annual franchise you can't deny it looks phenomenal, not to mention next gen/pc release of gta 5. So unless you only have a Wii U there's plenty coming this holiday season to make it a great one.

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