PS4 firmware 2.00 is out, and as expected, it blocks the Webkit exploit

A PS4 Webkit exploit, based on the same Critical Vulnerability used on the Vita recently, was released a few days ago for PS4 firmwares up to 1.76.

PS4 Firmware 2.00 is now out, and as expected, it patches the vulnerability.

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DanielGearSolid1333d ago

I love me some modded consoles
but... this is way too early in the Ps4's lifecycle
If it stayed at homebrews and didnt get to piracy, itd be perfect.
but we all know that wont happen

BG115791333d ago

Can I add "Duh" and say "As expected" in my comment?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

The source code has changed. Of course it won't work. Anyone who thought it would should be pelted with rotten oranges.

WeAreLegion1332d ago

I'm enjoying 2.00. The themes are great! I'm glad they all have custom music, as well. Hoping to see more soon.

The only problem I've experienced is signing in to YouTube. I imagine that will be resolved soon though.

-EvoAnubis-1332d ago

I had issues with that all day, but tried it again about two hours ago and it worked. Give it another go.

WeAreLegion1332d ago

I just did. No luck here yet. :/ I'll try again in the morning. Thanks for the advice though!