1080p/30 or 720p/60: What If It Was An Optional Setting?

What if developers included console options to choose between high res & low frame rate or low res & high frame rate? What would you prefer and should developers be thinking about including the option?

Pennyworth Reviews Editor Nick de Bruyne brings up the idea and gives his thoughts.

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KrisButtar1509d ago

Nice idea I would like the option as I likely would choose 720/60

Ognipode1509d ago

I'd totally bounce between them depending on the game or situation, my major issue is that when I play on my PC I spend more time tweaking the settings than I do playing the game.

KrisButtar1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

My PC.. CTD most of the time when I try play anything. I had to go back to Win7 because Civ4 BtS wouldn't work in Win8. BtS was my 1st 1080 way back when. I don't know much about the settings to tweak. I like my games to be smooth as I notice a massive difference between 60fps and 30fps in ESO.

My Card auto reads my card and sets everything to the highest setting for the games I have. I do know turning off AA fixes ESO from having that wave/line thing going across the bottom of my screen.

R6ex1509d ago

Why tweak when you have Nvidia Experience?

sinjonezp1509d ago

Honestly, I think it makes great sense for devs to include options. We look at PC's and you can literally play with every setting. From shaders, to fxaa, msaa, resolution - you name it. Even if it were a simple option such as 1080p/30 or 900/720p/60 that would remove some debates and give gamers options. I like the idea tremendously.

TheWatercooler1509d ago

I would go 1080p/30s every time. 1080p has made such a big difference on my 1080p display that I couldn't go back

nX1509d ago

Yes, just compare 720p with 1080p on your PC... it makes a huge difference in image quality. We shouldn't even bother with 720p on these "next gen" machines anymore, even the PS3 had lots of native 1080p games.

Tempest3171509d ago

@bloodborn. PS3 had a lot of upscaled games, very very few native 1080

nX1509d ago

^At least a handful of sports games (Tennis, Bowling, MLB and maybe even FIFA Street) and lots of PSN games (Wipeout, Fat Princess, Stardust) ran with 1920x1080p. The new consoles are said to be 10x as powerful so 1080p shouldbecome the standard for games since it's the standard for TV's for years now.

Future_20151509d ago

Get a PC then and dont be restricted to 720p or 30fps games anyway

KrisButtar1509d ago

Not sure if you seen my other comment but I have a PC. I just have too many problems with it that I don't understand. Maybe if they worked a little easier on playing games like a console I wouldn't have had to buy a PS4.

Forn1509d ago

If I didn't have a PS4 I wouldn't be able to play the games that I want to play, so...

NeoGamer2321509d ago

The only exception I would have is a sniper rifle at long range. In all other situations I would go with 60 FPS over 1080p...

ZeroX98761509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

There would be an un-balance advantage between people playing online at 30fps and 60 fps. Tried it on pc before and let me tell you thats its not a fair game.

bleedsoe9mm1509d ago

framerate over resolution every day and twice on sunday

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Kayant1509d ago

"So then, a simple question… why not give console gamers the option?" - Likely due to the extra work that might be needed that comes with optimising for it for each option because unlike PC whilst the engine is scalable to support different hardware configures it's not optimised solely for a specific hardware spec which will be needed on console. Although options are always nice when possible ;)

Ognipode1509d ago

Yeah, but then I also wonder how much that will bounce off the bad press that companies get because their games only run at 30fps or run at sub HD resolutions. They can now put in a bit of extra work to avoid that entire issue when they know their game may not run to the spec that people will want, and so as a PR move its sort of like "Hey kids, look it runs at 60fps, but can also run at 1080p, power to you for choosing" or something of the like.

Kayant1509d ago

True but most don't seem to really care about the bad PR because so far it seems like it hasn't negatively affected sales and the extra work that would be needed seems like it would outweigh the benefits of the good PR.

Exies71509d ago

I would choose 720/60fps

u got owned1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Agree, I game on a 42 inches LED so i think I would go with that also.

I think PS4 could do 900p/60FPS easy on most of its games.

u got owned1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ dreamed

Because they usually push for 1080p, but i'm sure if we can get pass the resolution gate, we could start seeing games on PS4 running at 900p/60FPS.

Anyway, didn't Naughty Dog said they were pushing 1080p/60FPS for UC4, that would be a milestone achievement.

dreamed1509d ago

Bring on the options!!!!

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