Ninja Theory Explains Why Hellblade is Coming to PS4 First, No Update On Exclusivity Length

Product development manager Dominic Matthews says Hellblade will be "coming to consoles first on PlayStation".

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lelo2play1509d ago

"Ninja Theory Explains Why Hellblade is Coming to PS4 First"

Short answer: $$$$$.

Slevon1509d ago

When a game comes to X1 first its about $$$ when it comes to ps4 first and you point that out you're wrong
His answer in the article was shady, and of course its about the money

buyakabuyaka61991509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

So sometimes, I hear that Sony is going bankrupt and they don't have money.

Then,tune changes and I hear sony has lots of money to throw at devs to secure timed exclusivity.

Fanboys' nonsense! Funny how that works.

Edit (below)

Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Big_Game_Hunters1509d ago

I don't think Ninja theory is worth much as far as timed exclusivity, In short Sony doesn't have a lot of money, only enough to get timed Indie exclusives.

GameDev11509d ago


Get some knowledge about the difference between Indie and AAA cause you dont seem to know

Hellblade is a AAA content game just being developed by an Indie studio, so it is a AAA

And no Sony are not paying a cent towards Hell blade where indie or AAA, get some knowledge

Charybdis1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Ofcourse its partially about the money nobody would claim that sony doesnt has the money to sufficiently fund the development of exclusive games or have partnerships for exclusive content and agreements with third parties. It would however seem that Microsoft has a bigger war chest on the other hand console hardware sales wise Sony has already build a larger install base to recoup those initial costs.

EZMickey1509d ago

@buyakabuyaka6199 Companies that size don't fund their business from the profits they make but from the investors who put money into the company.

Since they launched the PS3 they were making losses but they were still funding huge AAA game projects. Microsoft instead had a bigger stake in DLC deals and they profited a hell of a lot from that; first to get CoD. Fifa, and Skyrim DLC, even the GTA Episodes from LC.

That wasn't part of Sony's Playstation strategy and it made the Xbox look advantageous in some ways. This generation Sony made it clear they're not gonna let that happen again.

donthate1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

So what happened to the outrage that "Tomb Raider" got for being multi-platform, but going timed exclusive, yet Hell Blade is fine?

Double standards much?

Either way, I played a few of Ninja Theory's game and they have all been sh!t. Don't expect anything good to come out of them anytime soon, but I sure hope it will be!

SmielmaN1509d ago

Donthate: you think ninja theory is sh!t? Wow, everything I've played by them has been pretty sweet. Heavenly sword was a really cool game actually. Not sure their games deserve a blanket statement as being "sh!t". But then again I've seen you comment on the pro MS articles and your obviously a Xbox flag bearer so I guess your just trolling. Life is sad for you eh?

morganfell1508d ago

donthate is one of those persons for whom the very simple is utterly incomprehensible. He cannot see the chasm that lies between timed exclusivity for a brand new IP and timed exclusivity for an established multiplatform product that made its name on the platform being forced to wait. An ocean of a difference yet he is oblivious to the obvious. Laughable to say the least.

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OUROSMAG1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

The game is entirely self funded, they are even selling merch to pay for the game, SONY has had absolutely nothing to do with the development process of this game.

Charybdis1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Think their partnership might amount to more. Dont think the game will come to the x1 within a year or ever, I asume the partnership between Ninja Theory and Sony might be more than just an verbal agreements beeing it financial, promotional or development wise.
If the game really is 100% self funded there is a very big change for it coming to pc and x1 in a relative short time frame.

Omran1509d ago

Wrong they will published the game by themselves :)

Big_Game_Hunters1509d ago

How does that make him wrong? SE is publishing Tomb Raider but that is still a rimed exclusive on Xone lol.

Kayant1509d ago


Big difference. SE is also funding TR themselves and have the resources to launch on multiple platforms at once. Ninja theory don't and choose to focus on one platform first(PS4).

guyman1509d ago


- The epitome of fan kid ignorance

LackTrue4K1509d ago

Will enjoy the game first/better now that this fan boy is hating.

GameDev11509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Lol you have no clue at all

Ill direct you to this site

That site is where the development process can be seen, Sony is not involved and are not paying a cent.

Ninja Theory are going out on their own for the first time which is why they called Hellblade an AAA Indie, they have a team of 12 members developing the game and are budgeting
everything on their own hence why they want to concentrate on one system (with Sony supporting indie developers more its easy to see why they chose the PS4)

and lol at the disagrees on people saying Sony are not involved, when they are 100 percent right

Go to the Hellblade site and watch the debelopers talk about Hellblade, only thing Sony has done is put their game on gamescom

OUROSMAG1509d ago

Well done, at least a few of us are paying attention to what Ninja theory is doing. I think their approach is amazing, and If the game is good it could turn the game development world on its head.

donthate1509d ago


Exclusivity is always "how you play your cards". There is always some deal, and that deal always benefits the platform when it is exclusive so some payback is always expected.

If you are not exclusive to this platform, then another one will step up with something. This isn't a no-name developer without connections.

All Ninja Theory has to do is walk across the street to MS or Nintendo and ask for a deal.

GameDev11509d ago


Use that brain of yours and realise the only exclusivity going here is that 12 devs with no financial support from a publisher cant release a game on multiple platforms

You clearly know Sony support of indie devs has been better than MS and Ninja Theory does nothing with Nintendo and Ninja Theory also has a better relationship with Sony (Heavenly Sword)

There is absolutely no deal here, the deal is small team members can only do a certain amount of task with limited resources.

Ninja theory are making an indie AAA game but funded, resourced and published by them, so whats the deal here, you tell me?

Read the Hellblade site I pointed out and get some knowledge before writing rubbish comments

donthate1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


As I said, there is always a deal and that deal happens when you pitch your game to the platform holders if you can't afford to develop on multiple platforms.

You pick the one that nets you the best deal and that is usually the platform you already have an existing relationship with. You know, like I know you, you know me, I will do you a favor & etc.

Even the quote in this article is being rather coy about it.

Note, deal doesn't always need to be money, but it could be resources like marketing, free dev kits, development support and so on.

However, since Ninja Theory is a rather "well known" studio, there is no reason they cannot get funding from other places, so there is most definitely some money flowing. Of course they have an NDA so we will likely never hear about the real deals behind the scene.

Unless you have specific information, there is no reason to believe there isn't some deal. There always is a deal for well known devs!

This isn't an "indie" dev. This is a AAA game developer.

Keep in mind that the cost of porting a game is minimal and can easily be done by an outside studio. I'm sure MS wouldn't mind fronting that cost, because it likely would bring that money back in licensing cost later let alone profits.

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styferion1509d ago

It's not always about money, this is similar with niche JRPG titles only released on PS, they simply don't have enough money to release on multiple platform simultaneously, you can see the development progress yourself on their website. Maybe if they have enough profit it'll allow them to release it on another platform. It's not the same as TR where they have big name publisher which have more than enough resources to release it on every current gen platform.

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TheEnigma3131509d ago

Now they want to come back to Sony? They saw how rough it is out there alone.

ABizzel11509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


That's so wrong, but truthful as well. They wanted a bigger audience, but things just didn't work out for them.

I think they're a talented studio, but they need more gameplay designers and artist so their combat and graphics matches (their graphics are good, but not top tier good) the quality of the story and worlds they try to create.

DillyDilly1509d ago

Gotta love it when game developers think they are fooling people

Kayant1509d ago

Got to love when people ignore sometimes devs only have the resources to focus on one platform at a time and the project is being self-funded and published digitally.

Skankinruby1509d ago

They were pissed about the Rise of the Tomb Raider deal too

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081509d ago

LMFAO! that's was a good one. Bubs up!

Hestrela1509d ago

It will be anothet flop for ninja theory. The reason for being in ps4 first simply for It's bigger installer base. They have HUGE financial problems. If the game starts making some good revenues maybe they will have credit from banks and than port the game the bone

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