PS4 Remote Play app lands in the Play Store with support for Xperia Z3

Sony showcased PS4 remote play functionality at this year's IFA, and now the manufacturer is rolling out the PS4 Remote Play app onto the Play Store. Featuring support for the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, PS4 Remote Play lets you stream full-fledged PlayStation 4 games to your mobile screen.

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kaozgamer1512d ago

Now I just need to wait until the people over at xda developers to create an xperia z2 port

Insomnia_841512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Sony announced it will support the Z2 also.

I'm getting my Z3 tomorrow!

Highlife1512d ago

Just ordered mine this weekend hope it comes soon. Got it for the battery life remote play great bonus

masterfox1512d ago

Can I use this on my Galaxy S3 minI ? :D

bouzebbal1512d ago

has no power to handle this task

CertifiedGamer1512d ago

Sony shows consumers matter in comparison to apple which holds features back in order to force consumers to upgrade example Siri, Horizontal View, etc.... Sony isn't a shady company and they let their electronics sell themselves. RIP iPhone 6 tomorrow I become an Android Sony Xperia Z3 consumer.

user56695101512d ago

wait would apple products sell themselves more than sonys. apple product dont have to be powerful or much of a leap in the older model. i seen line for iphones never xperia. i dont get whats so special about iphone. i just want to make a call and text, maybe browsing the internet

CertifiedGamer1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

@Consoleslateagain I never spoke about sales numbers but features but since thats where you want to take the conversation then yes their are lines for iPhones but so was their big Blackberry lines before iPhone was released and blackberry was cocky like apple is currently being cocky with sales. Apple could have stayed ahead of everyone with innovation but got lazy. Apple is doing the same mistake that they made with the first apple computers over again but this time it is Google instead of Microsoft that their fearing. They are choosing to stay behind the competition and sales are awesome at 154 million devices sold in revenue is nice but lets look at the bigger picture. Over 1 Android billion devices sold in 2014. 90% of people I know didn't even bother upgrading to an iPhone 6 or choose other phones instead. Their are going to be the hard core apple fans but they only make up less than 10% of the total mobile market android owns the rest. Androids run the market now. USA is very dominated by apple but things are different in the rest of the world specially europe. I don't remember ever hearing a billion iPhones in peoples hands, ohh and thats only in 2014 that android did that.

nfl1512d ago

Weird. I got my z3 compact tab today and just set it up. Then i pressed the ps button and it said i can download remote play from store. I put it away after getting familiar with it and find this article straight away.

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