Top 10 Best Premium iOS Games of September

"Truly, the indie scene is such a fertile breeding ground for unbridled creativity and unashamed passion. Like chalk and cheese, this month alone the variety of the games on our list couldn't be more different. Everything from pirate gamebook adventures to Cold War espionage platformers to alien tower defence games. And goats. Let’s not forget the goats."

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SlappingOysters1509d ago

First time in a while that I feel I am behind on the iOS games - basically have not played any of these and they all sound great!!

CoyoteHunter1509d ago

Some pretty excellent titles on this list. Five Nights At Freddys scared the hell out of me!

Cookiebex1509d ago

Haven't looked at much to do with this one. How scary are we talking?

CoyoteHunter1509d ago

A good mixture of fairly stressful suspense and then jump scares. Like, literally made me jump in the middle of a train full of people. Got some weird looks that's for sure.

shipnabottle1509d ago

A good eclectic mix, nice one