PS4 YouTube App: Here’s How to Download it Without Waiting for The PSN Update

The release of the 2.0 firmware update of the PS4 has come and gone, but the YouTube app still isn’t available on the western PSN storefronts.

Yet, it's possible to get it anyway.


Update: it's now available in all stores. Of course with the PSN problems they may be hard to download until things get better.

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ShinMaster1512d ago

Either that or works too.

bigboss19901512d ago

I'm disappointed with this update :/

Masterh0ppa1512d ago

Same here. USB music seriously?

Predaking771512d ago

You are a minority. Haters will always find something to complain about.

Stapleface1512d ago

Maybe they just have a different opinion than you? It's a pretty basic update. Now we can change the colors, usb music is a joke, and share play which a lot of ps4 users won't be able to use due to fast internet not being available everywhere. For some, it basically did nothing. Hell, I think I enjoy the new error codes that are popping up that were not there before. I don't know what I did with out them. (error codes are not stopping me from doing anything but they are there)