Freedom Wars Review – Exactly What the PlayStation Vita Needs| DualShockers

Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers reviews Freedom Wars, finding it pretty much exactly the type of game the PS Vita needs, in much larger quantities.

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HentaiMasterRace1332d ago

Nice, now I'm hyped. I had my doubts, but now my body is ready.

G20WLY1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Lol @ "Propa-kun"!

You'd have to be one of those not to fall for Vita's charms, especially in a post PS4 2.0 lag-free remote play world!

Freedom Wars looks like exactly what I'm missing right now. Vita has my JRPG needs covered while I wait for them to arrive on PS4! :)

Fullmetalevolust1332d ago

great review of an awesome game, I can't wait to get my hands on it. It might be a while as I'm playing through a backlog, Vita does have lots of games, perhaps not for everyone's taste but I can't put mine down!
Now Sony Japan, please confirm gravity rush 2 for vita!!

KeeseToast1332d ago

As much as I would love a new Gravity Rush for Vita, I also love the Idea of having a Gravity Rush game on PS4 just imagine what would be possible.

Fullmetalevolust1332d ago

They could do a re-envisioning of the first one like they're doing with tear away and do a simultaneous release for GR 2 on ps4 and psvita.
Gravity rush just feels right in the palm of your hands, IMHO.

shammgod1332d ago

I agree they should make that happen. That game was great

Protagonist1332d ago

Gravity Rush should stay exclusive for the PS Vita.

People complain about the PS Vita not having enough exclusive AA titles and yet they want the few exclusive PS Vita games on other consoles...

I am sorry, but I just dont get that!

1332d ago
shammgod1332d ago

Is this available to download yet? I'm at work and can't check

Inception1332d ago

I just check the store and there's no Freedom Wars. But the SEN site already have it (it's 1.4 GB & $29.99)

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