Sony Brings Forth Famous Swordsmith to Advertise the Silver PS4 "Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition"

With the announcement of the release date of the lovely silver PS4 "Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition" Sony Computer Entertainment also released a TV commercial and a full fledged trailer for the limited edition console.

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TheStrokes1359d ago

Don't like the look of this version. Never liked any of the silver PlayStation editions though. Could have made a nice red edition instead.
I'm surprised they haven't made red and blue editions as they have the controllers.

breakpad1359d ago

the trailer music is copy paste from Lost Planet 2

Ka7be1359d ago

"Dragonooo Questuuu!"

mydyingparadiselost1359d ago

Wow, your japanese is amazing! How many years did you study abroad? :P

Software_Lover1359d ago

That silver ps4 and the COD Xbox one are ugly to me.

Spenok1359d ago

Personally I like the Silver PS4. Kind of makes me wish I had waited, though I'm glad I didn't :D

killacal131356d ago

A black Ps4 would be pretty sexy!

Sarah_Ch1359d ago

It looks grey more than being a silver, didn't like the color tho

Insomnia_841359d ago

I want that silver controller!! Without the sticker though.